Icon missing in Favorites and Managed Favorites

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It looks like the favorite's shortcut lose the Icon if they're not use often. Then you have a blank icon and every link shows the same.

We've been seeing this since the beginning of Edge Chromium. Sometimes it keeps the Icon longer and sometimes it goes faster until you have the empty icon.

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@re_bl In general, favorite favicons are hydrated when the user navigates to the site (and this favicon cache is stored across the browser).  It might be the case that the data was cleared. 


If you haven't already, could you provide detailed feedback and diagnostic data through the MS Edge browser?  This will help us investigate.  Thanks! 

@Kelly_Y I have done this right now and have send the feedback and diagnostic.
Today I have more favorite Icon, also on favorites I haven't started in the last day. 
I have now also detected that it looks other if I go over the favorites Icon or over edge://favorites.


Having the same issue as we are just now trying to implement managed favorites. Even sites I go to and I can see the Favicon in the EDGE tab, it does not appear in the favorites list.