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If there is a new version of the Enterprise Mode Site List (XML) available, how is the update process in Edge C to that? In MSIE we had to wait 65 seconds after start of MSIE and in Edge there is an "Force Update" button. But how to refresh in Edge C?

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@stesch79  At the moment, you will need to wait the 65 seconds and restart the Edge browser for the site list XML to reflect changes.

We are working towards a better experience for this. Thanks for the feedback! 

Wouldn't it make sense to have it try to get a file right away when there is nothing in cache?  The EntMode not kicking in right away is an issue on terminal servers where the profile doesn't roam and main sites accessed need to be told IE. Thanks! @Shilpa_Subramanian 

@Jeff Johnson I'm sorry I did not circle back. If you go to edge://compat/enterprise, there is now a Force Update button that will refresh XML changes instantly. Hope that helps!


Thanks. It is kind of making that part of the logon process for 3000 people that gets tricky.  Any chance there is a command line version of that we could work into a Logon script? Thanks again, Jeff @Shilpa_Subramanian 

@Shilpa_Subramanian Moving EntMode to Roaming Profile also would address this at least for our Terminal server Farm. It is the 65 seconds every day that is the issue.  Thanks, Jeff

Did anyone ever provide command line syntax to force and update ?
I am getting this issue with Chromium Edge, where I can see the client fetch the sitelist.xml but appears to do nothing about reading it for a long time then Bingo!, it suddenly opens in IE mode, after closeing & reopening many times.
Not a great experience after we announce the latest and greatest browser.

I have to ask this as well. I'm trying to figure out how to consistently force an update, clear a cache, synch everybody, whatever for all the users upon a site List update. And how does update number in the Site List xml play into this? I'm concerned about different Site List version numbers floating about in registries across the enterprise. Here is a synopsis of my testing...

1. Add via Enterprise Site Mgr v2.. That puts +1 on the version number in the Site List XML and appears to eventually load in IE mode. (version number=4)

2. Manually add to the Site List XML in notepad, not changing
version number and nothing ever happens. The new site,, is never loaded in IE mode. I let that sit overnight, same thing in the morning, no joy for in IE mode. (version number=4)

3. I decremented (-1) on the version number in Site List xml,
seems to load in IE mode after some delay. Still not sure about
that 65 second thing. (version number=3)

4. I put version number back +1 in notepad, added to the Site List, and eventually and random;y loads (Bingo!) loads in IE mode. (version number=4)

5. I decremented (-1) version number with and it eventually loads in IE mode. (version number=3)



In edge://compat/enterprise....hitting the Force update button does not care about version number and everything works automatically. So I'm just trying to get a feel for how the update and synchronizing is supposed to happen in the background. It's just seems so inconsistent.

Ok. I think I see how the updates propagate "consistently" and the 65 seconds thing. I closed edge, reopened to edge://compat/enterprise, kept it open and after approximately 65 seconds, the site list and version number updated. It apparently doesn't matter the version number. So...

update Site List XML

close Edge

open Edge and after 65 seconds, the Site List updates automatically.

I was getting inconsistencies as far as never closing the Edge window/session while updating the Site List...then sometimes closing it and finding the Bingo! after 65 seconds, etc., etc. Thank you.

Hi All, Enterprise mode site list is not refreshing automatically in EDGE Browser. Only after clicking 'Force Update' site is updating. This should be automatically carried out. Any solution? 

@Shilpa_Subramanian, Could you please shed some light on this issue? After force update only, I can see the list. This is not happening automatically. also, this is annoying for users as well.

Any solution to overcome this?

@NConnects Hello!  Did the automatic refresh not working issue start recently?  Did the behavior change coincide with a MS Edge version update?  Also, can you share what version of MS Edge you are using that reproduces the issue? 


Let us know and I can check with the team.  Thanks!



Seems this has started with 92.XX.73 version which we have deployed via SCCM 'Edge management Pane'. Only after updating "Force Update", list is visible.



Attached the screenshot for the same. before and after clicking force update button. 






@NConnects Hi!  I took a quick look and couldn't see any other similar reported issues.  I'm reaching out to the IE mode team about this as well.  


Have you reached out to Support?  They should be able to gather logs and help investigate your specific case.  





We also have had computers that are not getting enterprise mode loaded.  I would suspect a new version of Edge also, have not researched in detail, but sounds like same issue. @Kelly_Y 

@Jeff Johnson Thanks for your reply!  Just to confirm, after waiting the 65 seconds the new Enterprise Mode Site List is not loading on your devices as well?  Can you share the MS Edge version numbers affected?  Appreciate any additional information you can share. 





That is correct. It was a small group who I suspect had new computers. One of our Help desk people took the ticket. I would guess those that already had Enterprise mode where fine, such as myself. It was a pretty short list of users reporting issue, and that group reporting issue are hiriing heavy. I know the one help desk ticket I did monitor required GPupdate force (though we could see it should have had correct enterprise mode GP config), reboot, and then back to Force Update to get it to load. Same URL NConnects had was what it was stuck on. Just doing Force didn't not work until after reboot. I do not know what version of Edge those few users had. Wouldn't not have known others had same issue without having been monitoring this page :)

@Kelly_Y Did you get this resolved? I am seeing the same thing and trying to find out why this is not as simple as all the documentation shows.

Edge version 93.0.961.47 (Official build) (64-bit)

@R_Whitmire23 Hello!  Just to confirm, after waiting the 65 seconds the new Enterprise Mode Site List is not loading on your devices as well?


A previous user mentioned seeing the highlighted URL (in screenshot below) for the Location of the Enterprise Mode Site List when the issue reproduces.  Are you seeing the same?  




Then if you click "Force update" do you see the updated list?  This information will help when following up with the IE mode team.