Enterprise Site Discovery

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I have used SCCM to collect the Enterprise site discovery data,.

According to the document:" need an XML file, import the Enterprise Mode site list .

Where can I get the XML files?

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@Qianzf Hello! Are you trying to use Enterprise Site Discovery for Microsoft Edge?  Please take a look at some updated docs here: 







Hello Kelly,Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I am using enterprise site discovery.The data currently needs to be turned into an XML file (or some other compatible format) and imported into the Site List Manager,.So is this XML file exported directly from the CCM report? Or some other way?




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@Qianzf Hello!  Are you working to deploy MS Edge to your organization?  Microsoft has the App Assure team available that can work with you and help with deployment including running the Enterprise Site Discovery tool and implement IE mode in MS Edge.  


Please see the following for more information: