"Keine Rückmeldung" bei Eingabe in Textfelder

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Hallo zusammen, seit min. Version 88 tritt immer wieder sporadisch auf, dass der Edge "Keine Rückmeldung" anzeigt und für ca. 10 Sekunden einfriert, wenn man in ein Eingabefeld klickt.


Wir haben mittlerweile festgestellt, dass das alleinigen Beenden aller Edge-Fenster das Problem nicht löst, sondern erst durch das Beenden aller Edge-Tasks und einen Neustart des Browsers ist das Problem temporär weg.


Kann man in Edge irgendwie das Problem analysieren?

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@HKrebs Hello!  Thanks for reaching out!  Just to confirm, are you seeing the issue when clicking on a dropdown menu? 


There is an ongoing discussion on answers.microsoft.com: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftedge/forum/all/edge-lags-freezes-on-website-dropdown-me... .  Users have recently reported the issues has been fixed in version 89.0.774.75.





@Kelly_Y Hello!


My version of Edge is 89.0.774.76 and i have still the issue in a input field like a "searchfield".

It's not a typical LOV but can have suggestions by the "complete form" feature of Edge.


The described symptoms ale similar with your posted discussion.


The issue is a freeze for a lot of seconds. The issue is sporadic and occurs mostly after a long using time of Edge without closing it.


Just after closing Edge completely und restarting the issue removes for a while.



@HKrebs Thanks for the additional information!  Are you able to reproduce on one specific site or does it occur on multiple sites?  


For the dropdown issue, I believe this is the Chromium bug (1187638 - Chromium (Chome and Edge) freeze when <select> elements lose focus. - chromium), which says it will be fixed in V90.  


I want to check with the team and see if what you are experiencing is a known issue.  Would you be able to submit diagnostic data through the browser? ("..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback)  Also, if you can include the string "InputFieldHangIssue_TC" in the feedback it would help us to find it :) 



@Kelly_Y Thanks! I've done it as well as you described.