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We've been previewing Edge for several months and frankly it now works like we always assumed "original recipe" Edge would work with IE, that is, embedded rather than simply launching IE in a new process. Granted that was our fault for assuming as much back when we read about integration but that's old news, this new mode is great and offers the promise of a single browser.


The issue we have is when we update the Enterprise Mode Site List xml, that then requires the user to open Internet Explorer, wait 45 seconds (usually longer) to "see" the new list. Problem is, some of our users don't need internet Explorer enough or understand the difference and the new Site List is never loaded and parsed.


When troubleshooting, we have a few tools we've created to allow the user to easily purge the IE Cache, delete the HKCU Registry Key (that contains the Site List revision) so at least the user can launch IE and immediately get the new xml but this isn't sustainable in an enterprise with 18,000 users to effectively move to Edge with minimal support.


We again assumed (wrongfully) that once a user goes to any site that loads IE Mode, just instantiating IE would trigger a Site List query, but this doesn't seem to be the case, rather IE must be opened directly. We're hoping the developers see this gap and either make Edge itself read the xml after 45 seconds (like IE) or when instantiating IE within Edge, have it behave the same way it does now when launched separately, and read the file.


Of course caching the xml by IE is also an issue we're seeing so the entire xml Site List needs perhaps everyone to step back and review the design...


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@JFetter Thank you for the feedback. We are working to make site list refresh a better experience.

At the moment, you will need to restart the Edge browser after updating the list. If you check edge://compat, you should see your changes reflected. 

It is not required to restart Internet Explorer for the site list changes to take effect when using IE mode.


Thanks for trying IE mode!