IE Mode - large enterprise production support requires F12 developer tools for debugging

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As indicated on IE mode does not support IE11 or Microsoft Edge F12 developer tools. 

We are actually planning to migrate 30'000 Windows 7 desktops to Win10/Office365-Cloud Services. Actually we have a dual browser strategy with Chrome and IE11. There are still some business critical applications depending on IE11. A crucial pre-condition for migration to Win10/Office365 is the ability to decouple browser adoption dependencies from Win7 -> Win10/Office365 rollout. 

The strategical move to Chromium Edge with IE-Mode, available on both platforms is already a big help for this. Great.

Now, our production support is used to have the 'developer tools' feature available for debugging in with IE11. It would be a crucial pre-condition to have these debugging capabilities available on Edge-Chromium IE-Mode as well. 

What are the obstacles for providing F12 Developer/Debugging features in IE-Mode?

Might be, MS was just not aware of this use case at the time of deciding this.


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@tomotello We recommend using IE11 in standalone mode for debugging and development. If you have constraints using IE11 standalone, another option is to try IEChooser.exe (C:\Windows\System32\F12\IEChooser.exe). Will that help your scenario? If not, could you please elaborate on why these options will not work for you?