Looking for Framework for Communcations Guidelines in an M365 Environment

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Hi all!


Do you have a go-to framework for helping organizations plan out their communication strategies in M365?   Ideally something that can be used as a reference guide for the end users.


Recommendations are welcome!

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Hey this sounds interesting - what sort of communication strategies would this cover, e.g. external marketing, internal comms etc?

@HelloBenTeoh I'm mostly interested in strategies for internal comms.  I have a lot of clients who want to "reduce their internal email" but that seems to be easier said than done.

From a high level, the Communication section of the MOCA may help. It looks at how Email/Yammer/Teams can work together: https://adoption.microsoft.com/en-us/enabling-modern-collaboration/#awareness

Depending on where your clients are at, it'll be a journey.

Bulb Digital also have some good resources on internal communication: https://www.bulb.digital/learn/internal-communication