What is the first version of Edge stable release going to be?

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Currently in Google chrome:

stable is on version 79.

Beta on 80

Dev on 80 (soon to become 81)

Canary on 81


on Microsoft side:

Beta: 79

Dev: 80

Canary: 80


sooner or later the Beta should be moved to ver 80 too, Dev and Canary to 81.

so by the time the first stable version of Edge will be released, it should logically have the version 80.

(in January 15 2020)

or else Microsoft's Edge browser will always be behind the Google chrome's browser in terms of everything.


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@HotCakeX Dev is actually 81 in January 8.

Yeah the post is a little bit older than a month but now we know the first stable version is 79 :)