Web Management Tools

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The internet is getting wider, including the many web management tools. I am basic in knowing developments in HTTP(S), so learning any coding would be too demanding. The things I am understanding is connecting to domains. The Windows 10 platform installed for me does not have a feature to install any 'Web Management Tools'. The actions were all from internet videos about reconfiguring private OS data structures. Again, those changes are too demanding. I am interested in the management of building websites and evaluating the template structures for page design, form, and uploading files. Beside the new Internet Browser, top right, icon menus are offering a way to manage website FTP connections, or am I getting misled? The steps to using FTP in the browser as a different method to start a website, using FTP and configuring the domain address and file/folder structure. Is there a menu link in the new browser to begin an Administration Management with the old Web Management Tools active install? Also, by entering browser/settings/profile/workspaces had no FTP or Web Managment Tools to aide. Where is the Web Admin Tools in the browser?

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