Account Not Syncing with Microsoft Edge Anymore?

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It seems like my account is having issues syncing with the server. After 5 attempts at reaching out to Microsoft support, who have told me to troubleshoot the issue which i had already done and reinstall windows entirely. The same issue persists on multiple devices. When I go to turn on sync, and click enable, the page will blink for a second then say/show "Not Syncing". I tried everything, resetting sync, signing out/back in, repairing Edge, the only progress i've seen was going to edge://sync-internals and clicking "Disable: Clear Server Data". Resetting sync would also be stuck at 0%. Only switching to a different account lets me sync. Which isolates the problem to this specific microsoft account. Only this one does not sync on multiple devices. I need this account because it is how I am subscribed to Microsoft 365.

That would show me my profile is "Setting up". But in reality, "edge://sync-internals" would have "Setup in Progress: False". There in red I can see following i highlighted:

Representatives keep saying / making me do the same thing and ignoring the fact that it is a SERVER issue. Or my account being blocked, because when I create a new profile it syncs just fine, but that email is not the one i have office 365 on. I have to use it on this account/email. I was having no issues for years until 3 days ago. I have attached photos for reference.

Please help! I've tried just about everything. Multiple representatives, clean install windows. signing in/out, resetting sync. Repairing edge. Im almost going to give up and use Chrome.

ThanksProfile error.png


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