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I know there are extensions for Edge and Chrome that allow browsing via VPN*. But I was here thinking: if Opera can offer VPN natively, free and unlimited, could Edge do the same?


* they aren't free, or are free but with limitated features

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Hi. Yes, you're right, there are indeed extensions like those described in this article (ExpressVPN, SurfShark, NordVPN and others), but opera also offers a built-in VPN.
You can turn it on in the settings. In the browser, press Command + , or go to Opera > Settings. Choose Advanced > Features and in the VPN section make the Enable VPN switch active.

The built-in VPN in Opera browser supports locations divided into regions: Europe, Asia and the USA. You can use the "Optimal location" mode to select the best server for speed.

You can check more information on the official Opera discussion website

Make sure share this idea using the Feedback option inside the Microsoft Edge.
Also note that the built-in VPN in the Opera only supported inside the browser and other applications inside the Windows are not supported. Sometimes it has negative experience like when you want to perform online purchase and you are using VPN, the transaction will detect you are from different country and might block your card due to possible fraud detection, so they are some other considerations for using built-in VPN.