I can only get Collections sync when I use VPN


Normally Collections sync is not available for me but whenever I connect to my VPN (SSTP connection), after few minutes I go check my settings in Edge insider canary and I see Collections sync option appeared.

if I disconnect my VPN, wait few minutes and restart my browser, the Collections sync option is gone.


Version 80.0.327.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


Annotation 2019-11-08 114711.png


This is the details of my VPN server


Annotation 2019-11-08 114851.png


So Microsoft is using this kind of geographical roll out of features in Edge insider.

it's not based on browser build, user account, user computer or anything else. it's only based on geographical location.


now I'm curious, which countries are getting this feature and which ones aren't.

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