PDF Size Limits in Edge Viewer

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Hallo MS

How big can a PDF file be when opening in the Edge Viewer?

Thanks Rob

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Hello, are you speaking about the space size ? If you are talking about the size in Mo, il think you can open Very very big files. I don't have the exact number. I Never have any problem, and you Know, i have to open very big files for my studies (more than 500 pages)

The size limit has more to do with file size, not number of pages.   You used to be able to open a file of at least 1.5 GB.   You can still open a 1.5 GB file in Chrome and FireFox, but for some reason Edge is not able to.  You can definitely open a file of 350 MB (tested) but a file of 1.1 GB will give an error message.  I've no idea when this file size issue arrived.


Maybe someone in Microsoft will fix the problem.  In the meantime if you have very large PDFs swap to Chrome or fIREFOX.