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I just started using the Microsoft Edge beta and i was trying to replicate my chrome browser.

However I have some problems setting up the theme that i normally use, I used the Get CRX extension that some sites recommend and followed the instructions. I can see from the background of the toolbar/favorites that the theme was installed but i can't get it to show up in the New Tab, all i see is the built in dark theme of Edge. I understand that Edge is still in beta and that i am using 3rd party programs, I just want to know if what i am trying to do is possible. 

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@Vaermi6 Thanks for letting us know. We have a currently open thread about CRX extensions here, so I suspect this might be related. However, can you please confirm which version of Beta you're using? And if you haven't yet, can you please give it a try in Canary too?


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@Deleted Hello and thanks for replying,


I am using Version 79.0.309.65, I downloaded Canary (Version 81.0.395.0) and followed the same steps, went to edge://extensions/, turned Developer Mode on, dragged and dropped the crx file and pressed continue when prompted to but unfortunately the problem persisted.


Thanks in advance

@Vaermi6 Thanks for the details. After talking to the Extensions team, it sounds like there is a known issue around Drag-and-Drop. If you are able, can you try to unpack the CRX file (by renaming to .zip), and then try loading from the folder in developer mode instead?


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@Deleted I renamed the .crx file to .zip but i couldn't interact with it afterwards so what i did was to unzip it as .crx, transfer the new files(Images, _metadata and manifest.json) into a new folder and then loaded the theme in developer mode as always. Unfortunately it didn't work, i can see the theme changed(since i used a different one this time) from the background of the toolbar/favorites.

That's how my New Page currently looks.That's how my New Page currently looks.


All this was done in Edge Canary Version 81.0.396.0

@Vaermi6 That's really helpful data, thank you. I'll pass this back to the team right away. (They also mentioned that theme extensions aren’t fully supported in Microsoft Edge right now, but it’s something they're actively working on.)


Fawkes (they/them)
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