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I am a user of the beta version of Edge on Linux. From time to time, I encounter bugs that I’d like to report. After some searching, this forum is the closest I have found to a bug tracker. So I was wondering whether there’s a dedicated place for reporting bugs or should I just post here?

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In Microsoft Edge , you may press Alt + Shift + I and it will open the feedback menu where you could fill up and share bug report. It is recommended to open it on website which might have problem (if you are reporting a problem with website).

Hi, @hazem-gamall 

Of course, the most valuable thing for Team Edge is to add > diagnostic data to the feedback - only in this way you can develop a patch for all users :)


  1. Click on the three dots menu button.
  2. Go to Help and feedback.
  3. Click on Send feedback.
  4. Fill out the form, being sure to include a description of the problem, relevant URL, and any screenshots or videos.
  5. Ensure you click Allow (recommended) to send Microsoft diagnostic data if you're reporting a bug. This will help the engineering team.
  6. Click on Send.

Hope this helps! :)



It basically refuses to come up. Neither the Win-Tab shortcut nor the Task Bar button work. 


Since the last update (Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621) I have been unable to use the Virtual Desktop Manager reliably. I haven't done full troubleshooting yet. I decided to post first.


I did basic troubleshooting and am about to repeat that and take notes for the bug report.



  • The VD MANAGER broke immediately following the Update..
  • Restarting Windows Explorer with Task Manager, and Rebooting my system will make it work again temporarily.
  • As soon as I try to work within the manager it starts to glitch, freezes, recovers, but in another couple of minutes will not respond / come up again..


MY CONFIGURATION (This was working fine for months)

  • My system resources are fine - demand is very low.
  • I have 17 desktops, all of them have the same background. No other customization.
  • I have several apps on all VD's, and several on a unique VD. EXCEPT:
  • I have about 26 FireFox windows distributed across most of the 17 VD's.
  • The memory and CPU use for that is minimal because all tabs are frequently streamed to bookmarks and the tabs are automatically unloaded every 15 minutes.


I am about to try it without Firefox running so I'll be back.


After installing the new excel updates -- Aug 15, 2023 -- I am unable to open my excel file. It says "Excel cannot open the file 'budget 9.xlsx' because the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file."
So yes, Firefox sets it off. I discovered the Feedback Hub App (which doesn't show up searching for keywords like Support or Bug - as usual - hope AI helps.) And I filed a report. I'm still stewing on my best approach - but this platform is not solid enough to serve as a business platform, much less to build anything with it. Same old story. I may reboot DexPot and keep that configuration set to minimally complex.

@hazem-gamall so the big I found is in the external hard drives let's say I donload a game on my xbox then I bring it to a different one then download it again but don't finish I the download it glitchs the one on my xbox so I can't play

Hello, the problem is with Windows 11, and it is as follows:
When I open the PC and play for 2-3 hours, the mouse has no problem, but after about 3 hours the mouse suddenly lags, it doesn't respond as quickly, the problem is called input lag. If I restart the PC, the problem disappears for another 3 hours, I reinstalled Windows, but no change,  I changed video card drivers, I had this problem with Windows 10 for about 2 years ago, but it was solved, I had a different configuration of the PC then.

I did a search and find I'm not the only one with this Windows Explorer glitch in Win 11. While watching a video the Explorer window just opens up in full screen mode over the video. This started happening several times after one of the more recent updates before the October 2023 updates. I keep my machine updated religiously but this is just bizarre. Others said they contacted MS with "no fix in sight for the present time" as the official response. Any work arounds to this? Also, the Explorer window is not minimized and is underlayed beneath the video window. It just blinks to the foreground!
VLC was the media player during these events.

I noticed something just before Windows Explorer jumped to my main viewing panel while watching a video. I was using a download client and when the process was done and just closed, the Explorer window popped on the main viewing area.@dleary57 

speech to text won't work and when it does it won't work on the automatic one and you have to end it by hitting the x mark.  you start it by hitting windows key and the letter h.  sometimes all the speech will type is mumbo jumbo incoherent letters even if you spell it it types letters your not even saying.





@hazem-gamall Hey there is a bug right now with images on TEAMS. Cant copy in paste images, cant send clipboard images and have issues with the shared screen. All is behavior displayed with the new teams. 

I’ve been having an issue with windows 10.
I just shut off my computer (like a dumbass)
And now I’m in the welcome screen right, anything I click, like if I need to ctrl+alt+delete (doesn’t work). Nothing works, it’ll pop up a slight blue screen with loading dots in the middle.. and slides away sending me back to the welcome screen. No icons pop up on my screen and only the date and time remains there
Windows Hello for Business policy is enabled: Not Tested
Windows Hello for Business post-logon provisioning is enabled: Not Tested
Local computer meets Windows hello for business hardware requirements: Not Tested
User is not connected to the machine via Remote Desktop: Yes
User certificate for on premise auth policy is enabled: Not Tested
Machine is governed by none policy.
Cloud trust for on premise auth policy is enabled: Not Tested
User account has Cloud to OnPrem TGT: Not Tested
See for more details.
2024-01 Security Update for Windows 10
Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5034441)
When is this UpDate Getting Fixed?
And Why Wont it Go Away?
2024-01 Security Update for Windows 10
Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5034441)
This BUG has Been Persistent, Continuing and Ongoing
in updates for over a month now.



Hi, in the 'to do' software, when adding a new task or subtask and pressing the Enter key to confirm, the task is created multiple times. This is very inconvenient and needs attention. Almost every action requires manual intervention to delete 2-3 redundant tasks that were created unnecessarily.