MS Edge bug report

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Please check this Version 89.0.774.68 (Official build) (64-bit)

When I use this browser to listen to music from Youtube, the browser often is often hanged and then I cannot do anything.

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please try disabling all of your extensions and see if that helps:



I experience similar issue, but with Youtube Video. Everytime play a Youtube video, it freezes. Memory usage exceeded 8GB until I end task the process. Video card driver is up-to-date. There's no extensions installed.

@HotCakeX Are those extensions causing the freezee issue? Hmm, I have AdBlock+, Mail, and some security stuff. I love Edge because of them

Yeah, Same with me. I normally open one tap for listening from Youtube and others for working. This problem happens quite often in this Edge version, but the previous ones don't.