Edge for Linux/ARM64

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I know there was announcements at Ignite 2019 that Edge would come to Linux at some point. My guess is that meant builds for x86_64. I would like to ask that builds be made for ARM64 as well. With ARM64 for Windows being put out there at some point in the near future, it would be nice to see all bases covered.

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YESYESYES Please do this. I am forced to use an arm-based Chromebook, and seeing as Chrome and Firefox both run perfectly on linux arm64 devices, and even Microsoft has recently released official vsc builds for linux arm64, I really hope Edge follows suit.

I definitely agree, because then i could run it on my raspberry pi

@JeffRidder  yes yes, please do it quickly i want to use Edge on Raspberry Pi!!!!!!!!!!

Edge on ARM64 linux would be great!!
Aye, I need edge browser on my openSUSE aarch64 device.
Many time has gone but still no arm64 linux port :( It will be great to use Edge on Ubuntu on SBCs alongside with vscode which was already ported. May be big RAM requirements is the obstacle? But Firefox works good enough.

@JeffRidder please - yes, I'm looking for linux/edge arm64. I've actually the best mobile device from the an other big hard- and software player - but the process architecture is different. I'm running linux system on virtualization and want to have actually the best browser (less ressource as all other browser). Please compile it for linux/debian/ubnutu arm64!

I just want to give another vote for linux/edge arm64 (apt-based system). The browser is one of the last issues, why I cannot switch to a Raspberry Pi as my main computer.

Yes, please! +1

Now that M1 Macintoshes are becoming more common, this is even more imperative to have (so people can run Edge in Docker for M1)

Mac arm64 builds were added in Q4 2020: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/discussions/create-arm-version-for-mac/m-p/1776558


When can Linux arm64 get some love as well? :smile: cc @HotCakeX 

arm64 Edge is inevitable. Please build this as soon as possible. Thank you.
Still no news in 2023?
Count me as another user who need ARM64 Linux Edge.

Linux phones are a thing now, even if they're still kind of niche - the PinePhone and Librem 5 are two popular Linux handsets. Chromimum works acceptably well on the Librem 5, but lacks the ability to sync browser profile data for Edge users.

I guess I will add my voice to the list of people asking for this. Being able to run VSCode on my Chromebook is really handy. I try to keep school logins and whatnot on Edge, so it would be nice to use it on this device too. Not having a version for ARM Linux is forcing me to use Chrome, at least some of the time.

I'll add my +1 to the thread.
need for ubuntu @ userland on android