tabs back?

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i had my tabs open for a few months then my laptop failed on thursday.. normally after laptop had failed got a message to open it again or a message in history to open these all at once.. bot the messages didnt get it, i had contact with microsoft chat for full half day and they say to post here and im not going to search history either its too much work because tabs were open for more than half year but they are very important bcos used to notes en they lost now

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Hey there! If you head over to edge://history/all in the address bar, there should be a section for 'Recently closed'. Do the tabs appear there? Since this was fairly recent, you could also check the 'last week' section and scroll to Thursday, to see if they appear there.
What version of Edge are you using, and what OS and version?
thats point normally if dont get notification to open all tabs then its on history both are not there..

tbh make me very upset and fck mad everytime used as very important notes and grips on life to go further another time etc and its gone now! sometimes when laptop crash or something to restart, i get always notification on page to get it where i was with the tabs and if not then in history to get all everything back at once thats why always though never lost tabs

And you don't see anything in the history for last week on Thursday?

most tabs were on my browser for weeks ago or longer thats why is very important but yes its not the case theres always 2! options.... if browser closed and you open again there is always notification asked from edge to get recent closed tabs back and/or on history a beam to click on it and all the tabs at once opens, didnt get it both

Unfortunately it sounds like these tabs are missing or not recoverable through the usual process. Please file feedback in the browser (top right ... menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback) so the team can take a closer look at what's going on to help prevent this happening in the future, but I'm afraid I don't have a solution for you for this time.