Thread Tabs - A feature suggestion for Edge browser

Copper Contributor

The vertical tabs feature in edge has eased the browsing experience a lot, especially for browsing web for research work where we have to open so many tabs to dig into a topic. As we have vertical list of tabs, it would be very useful to organize these tabs into threads, where whatever tabs are opened from a main tab will be its sub tabs. 

While browsing for multiple topics by expanding and collapsing these sub tabs would make it more easy to organize the vertical list of scrolling Tabs. I am just trying to give a rough idea for managing tabs in a better way. I have been using edge dev version since the day its launched. The pace in which you all are getting feedback from us and in implementing them in the earliest you can is highly appreciable. In your path of improving the browsing experience in better way with every update, I am positive the concept of "Tab threads" will be loved by all of your community. I really hope you bring this feature in the upcoming builds. Thank you.

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