Seriously...? WHY is the "OPEN FAVORITES in NEW TAB" Setting gone again...???

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This is getting absolutely rediculous....

Comes and goes willy nilly....  I stopped using the "workaround" script in the Shortcut Link, thinking you guys finally got your act together, but you didn't, so now I have to hunt that down and hope it still works.  (BTW it does...)


Right Click the Edge "Shortcut", click Properties, add the below to the End of the "Target" field, with a space between the text there and this.  That's what I've done, works for me.  The setting is back.



Further, why the heck is that Setting STILL not on my WORK Edge install?

I mean, that's where I MOST need it, so I don't accidentally overwrite a page I'm working on.


The level of incompetence with this company astounds me, a simple setting as this they can't keep working or add.


Don't get me Started about Windows 11, the worst Start Menu they've ever created, completely UNUSABLE for us Power Users, you could have at least included it in Windows PRO, same for the proper Explorer Menu Bar, missing things with Taskbar, etc.


NEVER going to Windows 11 until you fix all this...  A person shouldn't be FORCED to use 3rd Party Applications in order to FIX the things we most work with, for them to work properly.

I have literally over 100 Apps in my Start Menu all organized, grouped, labeled, and sized how I like.

Win11 is literally UNUSABLE for me.

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