Support of Sign In on Ubuntu

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So far very impressed with the functionality of the Edge build on Ubuntu, would love to be able to sign into my Microsoft account to sync everything.  Is there a timeline for this?

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@tibmeister52761 Neither Microsoft Account sign-in nor sync is currently available for Edge-Linux.   Both appear to be planned, but Microsoft has not given us any information about when those basic features will be available despite repeated inquiries.

Still nothing as of 89.0.774.4 as far as sign in.  Still getting the message that I'm not running on a supported platform, which is hilarious if you ask me since I'm on Ubuntu 20.04 and 20.10.


"Some features may not work, as your device is using an operating system that's not currently supported by Microsoft Edge Insider Builds."


I do like in the release notes this part,

"First, we’ve finally finished rolling out History Sync, so no matter what platform you’re on (including mobile), you should now have History Sync available to you!"


Should say "no matter what platform as long as it MacOS, Windows, or mobile).

90.0.782.0, still no sign in capability...