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In other Chromium-based browsers there is a flag "Raw audio capture", described as

"Enable/Disable the usage of WASAPI raw audio capture. When enabled, the audio stream is a 'raw' stream that bypasses all signal processing except for endpoint specific, always-on processing in the Audio Processing Object (APO), driver, and hardware."


I can't see this listed in edge://flags . Is there another way to disable "Raw audio capture"?


Background - this is why I want to disable it:

- For some Lenovo laptops that have a Conexant sound-card, in a WebRTC application, using any Chromium-based browser, the microphone volume is so quiet as to be inaudible. Changing the audio driver to a generic driver makes it slightly better, but still unusable.

- In other Chromium-based browsers, disabling "Raw audio capture" solves the problem, presumably because Conexant's signal-processing boosts the volume.

- Here is a discussion of the problem, in the context of Google Meet:


Our application is a different one, but we have the same problem.


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You can disable Raw audio capture by using this command line
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" --disable-features=WASAPIRawAudioCapture