Install Site as App / Remove option 'Open in Microsoft Edge'

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It is a pretty cool thing to make a website as an application, however it is not so cool to leave the escape possibility by giving the user option to open the site in Edge from this application (The Settings and more menu in the title bar).
The cool use case for opening website as an application is the situation when users are supposed to be able only to use a limited number of websites and are not supposed to use any web browsers as such. The option 'Open in Microsoft Edge' hinders the use of this Edge feature for such use case.
On the other hand if the user is not restricted to use the installed web browsers, then it makes very little added value to open the same site in a normal Microsoft Edge application.
Please consider removing the option to open web site in Microsoft Edge when the website is installed as an app.
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"when users are supposed to be able only to use a limited number of websites and are not supposed to use any web browsers as such. "

there are group policies to handle this.
it's called URLAllowlist

@HotCakeX I know. However, a) one of the ideas (if not the main one) of running a website as app is to provide users with an uncluttered GUI, a sort of browser kiosk mode which for some strange reason has an 'escape' left behind, b) as I wrote before, this 'escape' has no added value and prevents website as app to be used as kiosk application.

Well, you could suggest it to add a gpo to show/hide that button, but that never helps a user break free and access unauthorized websites.
that button only offers users to experience a web page in a different view, maybe for example if the original PWA mode has some kind of problem showing that web page, or the user needs tabs to do multitasking.

@a___z thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you like the Install feature. Please keep giving us feedback on it. For this specific issue, we are actually taking a look at the entire Settings and More menu when you are in a PWA/Site as App. We always look at customer usage across the commands as well as user studies to see if people understand when different commands might be useful. In this particular case, I like having that command because then I can remind myself if I installed from Dev or Canary or Stable :) but I agree that the typical use-case is not all that interesting.





I see that the PWA app system menu, which opens when the player clicks the "..." ellipsis at top, provides an "Open in Microsoft Edge" option under the "More tools" menu. I don't want them opening the app in Microsoft Edge.  Please advise.