Microsoft Edge Dev Suggestions

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  1. Close Tab window when user requests to open the A PWA instead
  2. Title bar color uniformity for PWA, follow Windows color settings
  3. Trade 3-dot menu for hamburger style like UWP apps
  4. Have options to remove back and refresh button for sites that don't have built-in support for PWA, user can navigate through horizontal over-scrolling and dedicated refresh keys
  5. Please improve right click context menu style in Edge main Window, when triggered it shows a thick border around back button and disappears when i move my cursor.
  6. And last but not least, as has been said many times, make edge less 'round', more 'square'.

Thanks a lot, You guys are the best!!!!!!! @josh_bodner @kopoku 

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Adding @Deleted and @William Devereux as well.