Dev Channel update to 119.0.2151.2 is live


Hello Insiders! We released build 119.0.2151.2 to the Dev channel! This includes numerous fixes. For more details on the changes, check out the highlights below. 

Microsoft Envision | The Tour: How to lead in the era of AI – (Microsoft Edge Blog) 


DALL-E 3 now available in Bing Chat and, for free! – (Microsoft Edge Blog) 


Added features: 

  • Added a feature trigger for auto grouping when the suggestions bubble is shown. 
  • Added support for video overlay lookup. 
  • Added support for additional page settings (page range and pages per sheet) in API when the print request is for saving to a PDF file. 


Improved reliability:   

  • Cookies being lost on exiting the browser on Mac has been address! 
  • Fixed a crash when opening a local file bookmark from the favorite's hub. 
  • Fixed a crash when adding and removing tabs in a shared workspace. 
  • Fixed a crash caused during rendering of form fields. 
  • Fixed a crash when modifying/deleting migrated passwords. 


Changed behavior: 

  • Fixed a bug where Downloads gets stuck with 0 B/s and creates unconfirmed crdownload file.  
  • Fixed a security section settings bug. 
  • Fixed a bug where outlook side pane is getting hidden, when closing the tab with side pane. 
  • Fixed an issue with tab stops in tab strip's focus order. 
  • MacOS: Fixed a bug where web contents are unresponsive when in full screen. 
  • iOS: Fixed a bug when password added in the broken version was getting lost after updating to fixed version. 
  • WebView2: Fixed a bug when extension resource was not accessible. 


See an issue that you think might be a bug? Remember to send that directly through the in-app feedback by heading to the ... menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback and include diagnostics so the team can investigate. 

Thanks again for sending us feedback and helping us improve our Insider builds. 

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Has anyone else still experienced losing their cookies/logins every time they restart their browser? I believe this was supposed to be addressed a couple of builds ago but it's still happening to me. On Windows 10 using 119.0.2151.2 now.


Touch (Tablet) Mode options have disappeared since the previous Dev build.

@jchow I had this a few builds ago and it went after the last build. I see it's in the release notes on this build too. Mines just updated and I don't see the issue on my x86 or ARM devices on this build. 

Thanks for fixing the download bug. That one was biting me too often.
Thanks for fixing the "cookies lost on browser restart" for MacOS! I just checked and this seems to be fixed now. Thanks!
The option to choose between 1 row or 2 row "Quick Links" in the new tab page customization is missing in this new Dev build. Please bring it back as it was before with all options for Quick Links.
Took a while to push the fix, but glad that it is fixed. Thanks. By the way, what the roadmap for Edge? Feels kind of aimlessly developing features nowadays.
I can't sign in any website with this new update, because the "principal password" tool isn't working. It says me "authentication error, please try again". On edge stable, it works well...

Mine crashes when closing one of the multiple browser windows. Had to move the tabs into one window to safely close tabs.

Split screen on Microsoft edge dev cannot work or do anything on Macos 14 Sonoma version
Does insiders keep our cookies foe analysis