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Microsoft edge is registering an incorrect location for me. How do I change it? I am not really tach savvy.

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Registering incorrect location where?

When I have changed  passwords I receive emails saying that a change has occurred but not from the location registered at that site.  Microsoft has me registered 300 miles from where I actually am. Where do I find that data on Microsoft (edge presumably as it is my browser) and how do I change it?

Thank you for answering my question.


Are you referring to Microsoft Account?

Is your system comes with GPS?

I believe this location set by your IP address and it is regardless of your browser and when it is IP address, it is estimated location.


Majority of websites determine your location from your IP.

there are a couple of things that can change/fake your IP location: DNS servers, VPNs, Proxies.

are you using any of these?


there is only one settings in Edge related to location:


you can't change your location from Edge settings.


Doesn't matter if it's off or on, websites can still get your location simply through your IP address.