Location services broken in Microsoft Edge for macOS on Intel

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Microsoft Edge (all release channels) on my 2019 iMac 5K (Intel) is somehow picking up an incorrect location when using location services. For the sites that I have granted access to my location, it's showing me as being in Tucson, AZ when I am actually in the Northern Virginia area. The Mac is running macOS Sonoma (14.0).


It's the only web browser on this computer that's doing this. When I use Edge on my Apple Silicon machines, the location is correct. I've tried under different user IDs on the computer and new, empty browser profiles with the same result. Safari, Firefox, and Chrome all report the correct location, but Edge is not and it's literally thousands of miles off.


Anyone else seeing this as well? I have reported this using the feedback tool, but wanted to see if this is somehow unique to my configuration.



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I'm on an M2 MacBook Pro using Edge Version 118.0.2088.76 (Official build) (arm64). MacOS Sonoma 14.1.

I'm located near Oakland, CA. My general location is correct if looked up via public IP. My browser geolocation is wrong and has been since I got my Mac this spring. Browser geolocation reports: Latitude: 45.048265, Longitude: -92.947053 (somewhere near Minneapolis, MN)

Apple Maps on my Mac reports the correct location. Safari reports the correct location. Definitely a Microsoft Edge (ARM64) issue.

On the latest stable Edge build (119), this seems to be fixed on my Intel iMac. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

Unfortunately it's still not working for me. Edge updated to 119.0.2151.46 yesterday and I'm still having the problem. I tried toggling MacOS Location Services permissions for Edge. I tried clearing and re-allowing Location for google.com in Edge (and this is not limited to Google. Any site requesting my location gets incorrect data). I don't know what else to try.

I've provided feedback to Microsoft through Edge as well.