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Hi All,

I've recently Hybrid Joined my client PCs to Azure, moved over to Passthrough auth and Seamless SSO from an ADFS setup. All working perfectly and signs straight in to Office 365 in IE, Edge Chromium and Chrome.

However, I can't get Edge Chromium to sign in to sync on domain joined PCs. It says its "Not Syncing" it has my email address and "We've detected this account on your device and need to verify it before you can complete sign in, and set up sync.", however when i click "Complete sign in" i immediately get "We can't sign you in right now". The Microsoft Edge team has been notified of this issue. Please try again later. Error code: 0"

I can sign in to Edge using my Office 365 account on non domain joined devices, so i am assuming its something to do with my SSO setup? I was expecting edge to auto sign in.

It happens on all domain joined devices/accounts i try.

I'm not even sure how to debug this, i've managed to start Edge with console logging. I can see: "EDGE_IDENTITIY: CompleteSignInProcessInternal: Error: Primary Error: kAccountProvidersFetchFailed, Secondary Error: kUnspecified, Platform Error: 0, Error String: "


I am unsure if this is a bug or a configurational error with SSO configuration.

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Hi, @danselvey , I have the same issue as yourself, and am documenting it in this post here on Microsoft's "Answers" site:



I'll do my best to update this post with what I do there, but there is a possible fix.


EDIT: In reading a disparate incident, MissyQ of MS Support said additional incidents should be logged separately, mine is logged at the following discussion URL:



Instead of creating another discussion post here, I'll treat yours as the "master issue", but I know how incident mapping works, so if a new thread is needed to show that this is happening to many users, I'll do so.




Running into the same issue. Any leads to a solution?