[SOLVED] Can't login on Edge anymore! (Login and Sync issue)

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Finally got a hold on https://support.microsoft.com/, initiated a live chat with support, and they had to install Install Quick Assist (Install Quick Assist - Microsoft Support) and they had to enter my PC and check what was wrong. They had no idea what was happening at the time (this all happened a few weeks ago - sorry for the late reply ut I had a lot of work delayed due to this error) and reinstalled Windows = issue solved.

The following day however, windows asked me to update again and the issue returned ahahahaha but I removed it, and then the following system updates didn't carry that sign in issue anymore.

Thank you all for your help and support during these VERY STRESSFUL DAYS! Hope the issue got solved for everyone!


UPDATE 25TH - 4:52 GMT:

- Run every possible workaround thanks to comments on my Microsoft Community thread and here (Tech) (Thank you everyone!)

- Can't get pass the edge login pop-up => can't sync and have access to workspaces;

- Already reported twice on Alt + Shift + I (with screen recording video and photos);
- No 3rd party antivirus issue;

- Some people on the Community post were able to surpass this by uninstalling KB5035853 - but I don't have it;

- Using Windows 10 Home version 22H2, with Edge version: 123.0.2420.53 (64 bits) [also tried on Edge Beta version: 123.0.2420.53, but uninstalled it for now]


There was already some suggestions left here (Can't login on Edge anymore! (Sync issue) - Microsoft Community) but it didn't work. Anyone? Please?


_______ original message posted on 20th March _______ 

Already hit restore on windows' applications and restarted my pc, but every time I open Microsoft Edge now, on the top right corner it says my account is not logged in. And when I try to do it, the pop-up window says it's loading and then just turns to all white.

Anyone can help me please? Don't want to lose my favourites, passwords and workspaces ;_;


1) already deleted all cookies
2) already confirmed if it was an issue with the Wi-Fi

3) already hit «repair» twice on the program

4) already tried to add a new account (didn't work cause the issue with the popup to login is the same)
5) already disabled all extensions and tried to login again after that
6) my account is not blocked - in fact I can login on Microsoft with it on my phone and website (otherwise I wouldn't be able to post this question). The issue is only with logging in on the Edge browser.

7) already deleted and reinstalled Edge.


And yes, I restarted my pc every time I tried something.

What else can I do? I need to access my Edge Workspaces!




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On the community post has already numourous people complaining the same.
Anyone here has any work-around or feedback, please?

Hi @DoIReallyHaveToo 

What Windows build do you have?

Can you download updates from the Microsoft Store?

Have you added this account to Windows?

What kind of antivirus do you have?


I already know what kind of Windows you have, but the decisive question is whether it is version 22H2 or 23H2 Windows11 - this information can help solve your problem.

March 12, 2024—KB5035853 (OS Builds 22621.3296 and 22631.3296) - Microsoft Support

Hello A1, thank you so much for replying.

- I am using Windows 10 Home version 22H2, with Edge version: 123.0.2420.53 (64 bits) [also trying on Edge Beta version: 123.0.2420.53];
- No, because it's also asking me to complete login, on the pop-up that turns blank;
- Yes I have, and maybe because the login on Windows is done with pin, I have no issues login-in on my computer;
- McAfee.

Today I've already deleted both Edge versions from my Computer, and tried to reinstall them again but didn't work... I have been doing this since the 20th. Getting really desperate and multiple people on my community post have already reported the same issue: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftedge/forum/all/cant-login-on-edge-anymore-sync-issue/64...

In case you need any more info, please let me know!


Add or remove accounts on your PC - Microsoft Support 

Is your Microsoft account signed in with Windows Hello?

Is it a Local account? without syncing with all Microsoft apps?




I think it's local? @A1 here's a photo


Do you need to have an up-to-date Windows?



It doesn't let me change it:



@A1 everything is updated, including edge.





It's mail synchronization. That's not the case.

Open the home page of Windows settings, there on the left is your account - if there is a mail address, then you are logged in correctly, without an address - it's a local account.

Cambiar de una cuenta local a una cuenta de Microsoft - Soporte técnico de Microsoft

Oh ok, sorry @A1 I do see it, yes. I guess it's logged in corrrectly.




Ahora abra la configuración de Edge -> Cookies y permisos del sitio- permitir de forma predeterminada, verifique si está bloqueado, por ejemplo, Microsoft?

@A1 , it seems like nothing is blocked:



Microsoft Safety Scanner Download | Microsoft Learn

Importante: > Alt + Mayús + I (ayuda y comentarios) insertará los datos de diagnóstico allí y describirá el problema: esta es la única forma en que el equipo de Edge puede verificarlo.

@A1 Thank you, already did the safety scan and no issues were found.

Regarding the reporting the issue at Help  Feedback, I've already done it on the 20th but I did it again just now, with screen captures and video. Is there anything else I can do? I am getting super desperate with this issue. Everyday (sometimes multiple times a day) I'm reparing Edge and Edge Beta, running all possible workarounds and nothing.

Thank you again for all your help (and no need to reply in spanish :) I'm actually portuguese, but you can reply in english if it's more natural to you). Thank you so much!


Maybe, ask someone you know to let you sign in to Edge for a while – then syncing should go fine on another computer.

Ok I got un update and follow-up question - sorry!

I tried to use Edge on my phone again (only did that twice during this ordeal) and I can see now all of my favourites (it says they were last synced 5 days ago - which was when I started having these issues). So, maybe microsoft is starting to solve this issue... idk.
- But the thing is: is there anyway I can save all of my my favourites and passwords from the edge app? I saw this same question done in 2020 (https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftedge/forum/all/how-to-export-favorites-from-android-edg...) and apparently we can't but maybe there was some update in the meanwhile that enables this now? Just want to make sure my work doesn't dissappear.


I don't know much about Android, but the problem only affects your computer (if you buy a computer, the new one, after logging in to Edge with a Microsoft account, will synchronize everything correctly)

Workspaces, favorites are not saved on your 

computer only in the Microsoft cloud, so this computer may be useless but favorites etc. are safe :)