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Hello there,

Does anyone have an Idea or thoughts on how to force a specific language for Edge in a domain environment?
I've searched for all possibility in GPO, Edge documentations, and it seems that I can not push or force a certain language" which is different from  Windows Language" for Edge..

Any help would be appreciated.


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@FFarho Thanks for reaching out. Can you tell us more about your specific use case scenario? After you share that, I can pass this along to our Language team and try to get a customized answer.


In the meantime, here is one of the most recent questions we've gotten about languages on MSFT Edge versus Windows; I know it doesn't directly address your question, but hopefully it can help illuminate some possibilities.


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Hello @Deleted.,

I want to install Edge in an organization which has a English Windows interface, but I want Edge to have a Turkish interface, and it seems that the only way is to go PC by PC and change the Edge display language manually.

If there is method to control the display interface in Edge using GPO or a script ?