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I am having issues with the default language beign set for edge for new installations, all of our systems have the system locale set as en-gb or english (united kingdom) however whenever I perform a new installation it only picks up en-us or English (United States) as the language causing some date display issues on certain sites.


Is anyone else experiencing this?



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@Josh_Carpenter Thanks for reaching out; we'd be happy to look into this.


Before we dig deeper, can you please confirm which channel and version are you currently installing? (You can find this at edge://settings/help). We've had some known issues around languages during installation, and I want to check if a fix is in place.


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@Deleted Thanks for replying


Wer are running Stable Channel version  83.0.478.37



@Deleted anu update on this?



@Deleted is the default Edge language based on the default app language set under preffered languages or on the Windows display language:


 All my machine have English (United States) set as the Windows Display Language which cannot be changed, is this why Edge is picking up English (United States) for its language?



@Josh_Carpenter Thank you for the info! I'll bring this back to the team and let you know if they have any insights, or can at least confirm if this is part of the known issue.


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@Deleted thank you.

(UPDATED with more info.)

@Josh_Carpenter Thanks for your patience. The team wanted me to pass along the following info. If this still doesn't address the issue, let me know!


1) Did you download MSFT Edge from our website, or did you receive it via a Windows update?


2) It's possible that your admin policy is setting all the PCs to English (United States) not installing the language pack English (United Kingdom). If the language pack was installed and set by company policy, Microsoft Edge should pick up en-gb as the default accept-language and UI language.


3) You can "fix" this in a couple of ways:

    • A. Install a version of Windows that has the new MSFT Edge inbox with en-GB as the OS display language
    • B. Re-download the new MSFT Edge, making sure that en-GB is the top preferred language in the browser used to download it
    • C. Go into edge://settings/languages and manually change the display language
    • D. Use Policy to force MSFT Edge to use en-GB as the display language. This will prevent individual users from modifying the display language settings

Hopefully that helps!


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Can you please provide more information on which policies need to be configured. As this would be the ideal fix for this issue. 

We are getting the same thing with some websites using US date format rather than the EN-AU format.  This causes massive issues with reporting as our end of financial year is 01/07, so it becomes impossible to tell which financial year something should be in.... e.g.  07/06 7th of June or 06/07 6th of June.  En-Au is set as the default language pack in settings. 

Unfortunately there is no option to configure the edge language preference when using Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager to download and create an application for deployment.
Since there is no En-Au media for Win10 only En-US and En-GB, using a different base media won't resolve the issue.

@MartinSmith Thanks for the detailed response. Our language team wasn't familiar with the "Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager," so can you please provide more context around that and how you're using it? We want to understand your use case so that we can troubleshoot appropriately.


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