Dropdown Menus

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I could not find any posts on that; which is very strange since I remember dozens of people going crazy mad on the article of the update which brought the history dropdown menu, trashing the shortcut ctrl+h.
Since then it has trashing every shortcut of the browser with those stupid menus; and now it finally went to ctrl+j too.
I fly into rage at each of those retarded updates.
Can't you at least put a damned toggle option so people can actually choose if they want lose their shortcuts and have to manually open the pages when they need it?

So my point is; is there that option? I heard about something akin to that on the canary back on old update posts, but it is awful to find any concrete information if they are really cutting the old features and forcing the new ones down our throats or what.

(image of the favourites, historic and now download pages on my bar because they threw the shortcut in the trash)

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