[BUG] Light splash screen on Edge for Android when in dark mode

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As the title says, the splash screen on the app for android shows the light theme for a second when starting the app in dark mode. I want to be able to switch completely to edge on both mobile and PC, but with this bug I don't feel like i can. (Since it's kind of blinding at night!).
I just thought I'd get this bug out here since I could not find any mentions about it elsewhere.

Crossing fingers for a fix soon!

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@SlowNicoFish Thanks for letting us know! We'll bring this to our devs' attention ASAP, but first, can you please confirm with version/channel of Edge you're using? (Or is it just the new Stable?)


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Thanks for the answer!
I use the Beta for android: v
Android 10 Pixel 3XL

I'm also seeing this problem, I'm using a Pixel 3 on Android 10, Android is set to "Dark theme". This is indeed an issue with Edge for Android

@Bdsrev and @SlowNicoFish To confirm: are you still seeing this?


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@Deleted, yes I am!

I uploaded a video with this bug, if that does not work the link above should.

Edge version
It's the beta from play store
Pixel 3XL Android 10 January Security patch 2020

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@SlowNicoFish That's super helpful, thanks! I'll forward this to the team.


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@SlowNicoFish @Bdsrev I wanted to loop back and let y'all know that the team made a bug for this, so it has been on their radar. Please let us know if you see anything else similar!


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Hi, I'm actually reported this issue before, however, there's another issue didn't mention in this post.

When I trying to swipe the top bar to switch between tabs, the search bar area just showing white color when I'm doing it. Please refer to the post below.

@chungweileong Thanks for the callout, I replied :)


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@Deleted I have found a new bug, but this time on a tablet.
The new update works good and the problem I reported in this discussion is resolved!

@SlowNicoFish So glad to hear that it's working! We love to hear that. Thanks for the heads-up about the other thread, it was on my list of things to check in with the team about. :)


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It's been an year since this issue is raised. Also this issue is across all Android device specs. Pl fix soon.