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We have more than 130+ member firms. You can consider each member firm is one organization which are  going to onboard in Azure. Every member firm has their own configuration settings, connection strings and other configurations related to Azure resources like Key vault, storage account and Cosmos DB. Can anyone please help me to understand how we can manage all the 130+ Member firms related settings and configurations  in one common place. For Example, Key vault we can utilize for storing all the server secrets and retrieve any server secrets using scripts. Similar to this, all the 130+ Member firms Azure resources (Key vault, storage account, Cosmos DB)  related configurations, settings should be stored in one place and that should be accessible/retrieve  whenever needed using scripts.


It would be really helpful if you could assist on this request that how we can achieve this requirement.


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It is a bit of a hard question to answer, are you better off having a separate subscription and resource for each firm, than using Azure Lighthouse ( and policies/tags to manage it?

Azure Lighthouse was made for MSPs to have access and see a variety of client Azure subscriptions, you can always look at using the name of a resource type and tag of a resource to to connect to the right resources in Azure.

I know of a few companies that use documentation systems, such as IT Glue to store the information related to their clients, including connection strings etc.

To me, customers own their Azure environments, whether they are looked after by someone else, so need to make sure all their resources are accessible and secure, should they wish to leave.