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hi everyone,


I am using this Azure subscription type (MS-AZR-0111P) to host my services for few years now.  This subscription type use Azure credit to pay for the running of the subscription.


Previously we bought the Azure credit from Azure Open License, but this was discontinued in Jan 2022.  Partner advise us to move to CSP, however we got difficulty in moving all the Azure resources, especially the Express Route in our subscription.  We are providing 24x7 services for our customer.


So, we were thinking of buying Azure credit through the Azure portal itself.


Anyone facing similar issue as me?


Come to think about it, it is strange that when we are recommended to move the Azure subscription to CSP, there are Azure resources that cannot be moved.  We as the customer, have to bear the inconvenience and resolve these issues ourselves.

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The CSP should be able to help with the plan, I would export the resource templates of the Express route, so you can stand them up in the other tenancy correctly and have the express route circuit pre-configured, unfortunately, they can't be migrated as there are unique keys that are tied to it - although you could potentially leave the express route in the old subscription and then VNET pair to the new subscription - but you should do it properly and migrate everything.

Even though it's not a region to region migration - this great post was written by a Microsoft Solution architect in NZ that covers some migration options and considerations:
Thanks Mr Luke for the article. Appreciate the help.

i found one good article that is about express route migration.  Hope it help someone.

Thanks for sharing! A useful resource for the next person!