Best Practices for Setting Up a Single CI Pipeline & Multiple CD Pipelines in Azure for Android App

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I'm looking for guidance on optimizing our CI/CD workflow for Android app development within Azure DevOps. We are planning have a single CI pipeline that builds our Android app only once. However, we want to set up multiple CD pipelines for deploying the app to different environments (development, staging, production) while ensuring the correct environment-specific settings are applied to the builds during cd. 

We are currently doing this for our web app by generating a build with generic configurations in CI and editing the index.html during the cd process.

How we can achieve the same in Android? 


Are there any best practices, tips, or Azure-specific features we should consider when implementing this workflow? How can we ensure that the environment-specific configurations are correctly applied in each CD pipeline? We want to maintain consistency in our builds and deployments while customizing for each environment.


Your insights and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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