Changes to IP Co-Sell Process

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Not sure if this is the right forum but i will try my luck.

In the last few months we have seen a major change in the way IP Co-Sell deals are processed.

In the past we were connected directly to sellers once the deal was accepted and now we have to go through a new process where we first have to work with an outsourcing company before the deal is accepted. 

This new process takes weeks and is causing problems with our ability to co-sell with Microsoft.

Is anyone else seeing this change?

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@shantanumane is this something you can help with or perhaps some of our superstar partner community users: @Nick_Beacroft @MartijnElfers @sansbacher or @blakecheek


Not sure any of you have seen this or have input, but worth a shot right? :) Thank you all for being active in the community! Great to see it. 

I'm not that experienced with co-sell processes, as I work for a CSP Provider, thus we're not working with co-sell solutions ourselves. Hopefully someone else has some insights here.