New blog post on Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge


We have posted a new blog post on our Tracking Prevention at  This blog post is focused on the changes we have made in version 79 of our browser, and how they impact your browsing.  Please let us know in the comments below what you think of our changes.

Thanks - Elliot

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It's Really great that Edge can block Cryptomining and Fingerprinting, makes it very secure to use.
I'm strictly a "strict" mode user and I think this is Great news. Keep up the good job Team!


@Elliot Kirk 


I find this interesting..  Can you see it?


Annotation 2019-12-10 143241.jpg



@Dennis5mile Thanks for the feedback, we've forwarded this on to our team!

There is one spying tracker that I never see listed as being blocked anywhere in the blocked list ever... "doubleclick" "com.doubleclick" "" or any other doubleclick....

They are one of the worst tracking/data mining folks out there and sneaky...  Do they get blocked and just not listed...




Here is another blank as of todays update,  Version 82.0.442.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)..


Annotation 2020-03-02 140906.jpg