New developer experiences for Microsoft Edge


Try these new dev experiences for Microsoft Edge


Hope you are all enjoying the latest version of Microsoft Edge (download here). Over the past year, our team has been working closely with the web developer community to understand how we can simplify their workflows. With every release, we are adding more features either in the environment where Microsoft Edge is running or that integrate Edge via the DevTools Protocol. At the same time, we are also actively contributing to the fundamentals and inclusivity of the Chromium developer tools with 300+ commits already made so far, in the areas of accessibility, localization of developer tools (coming soon :smile:) and performance. 


Check out the stuff our team has launched over the last few months that you may have missed for macOS and Windows.


  1. Elements extension

One consistent theme that we heard from developers was that they want to spend more time working with code in their favorite editor. Considering Elements is the most used browser tool, we have added its support in VS Code directly. Click here to try it out and learn more about it.



  1. Debugger extension

With the Debugger for Microsoft Edge VS Code extension, you can debug your JavaScript code running in Microsoft Edge directly from VS Code. Click here to try it out and learn more.



  1. Webhint browser extension

This extension helps you scan a website right from DevTools and get quick feedback on accessibility, browser compatibility, security, performance, and more. The v1 version is ready Click here to try it out and learn more.


  1. 3D View Tool

We recently released an experimental version of our 3D DOM viewer. This feature allows you to view a page in 3D, with depth used to visualize the DOM hierarchy. Click here to try it out and learn more. to try it out and learn more.


We’re listening

We are actively listening and engaging with all our users to identify the gaps that can help build Dev focused tools and features for a great experience on Microsoft Edge. Some examples of our past engagements with web developers and other customers are SmashingConf, Video, #SFHTML5, and AMA. These engagements have helped us generate a current backlog of more than 250 user requested features, and fix more than 300 bugs that users pointed out in our Dev tools and associated features.


We would love for you to give these features a try and reach out to us with your feedback here. We are still working on them and evolving with time so need your help to better understand the issues.


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I saw an energy industry poster in this forum a month or so ago talking about the need for Enterprise users to be able to access and modify Bookmarks outside of the browser much like the Favorites Folder in IE-11. We are the same way. The problem with the Chromium based browsers is that you have to open the browser and dig through a data base. Does anyone know if accessing and modifying bookmarks outside the browser is going to be possible, or will we be stuck with a Chromium-like bookmark system? I can say fairly assuredly that large corporations need to move preset files of bookmarks according to department, or management level or project teams. Importing/exporting HTML files isn't going to cut it. We have a small IT team preparing to upgrade IE-11 on our own in case Microsoft fails us. I know energy and medical groups are already preparing to release their own versions of an updated IE-11 and completely ignore the new Edge. Is there a status update for that? Thanks.
I'm not an enterprise user, and I'm not sure if this is what you'd want, but a quick browse turned up these links for managing bookmarks in Edge/Chromium (respectively) via a policy: and
The new version 80.0.320.3 crashed after run 3 seconds!
same problem here...

@Elliot Kirk 

i was trying to use the new Elements for Visual Code and am not able to make it work

I don't want to run it from Code but simply attach to my running app since it runs through apache and webpack.  how can i make this happen?  The examples mostly relate to Msft ways

@Elliot Kirk 

IMHO, one of the options i would prefer to see is that if i open Elements in the browser (F12), that i could configure it to use VS code within that window or at least connect to the VS code i have open.

@Elliot Kirk The newer version of microsoft edge dev is impossible to use. It crashes every time i open it.

I have updated now at the newer version.

How can I solve this problem?

@Elliot Kirk  Hi - I noticed that the Beta version takes substantially longer to load (startup) than the Dev version - any reason for that? I've redesigned MS edge layout, check it out

Esta versión me da problemas al momento de abrir nueva pestaña carga la página pero se vuelve en blanco y de nuevo carga la rato.

 @Elliot Kirk 


I agree. On our server we have a couple of files with a large number of internet shortcuts. When setting up a new workstation all I have to do is drag and drop them into that users favourites folder on that workstation. Then they automatically appear in Internet Explorer. That functionality is not incorporated into Edge. One has to go through the import from other browser process to get there. Not hard, but another step if you have many workstations to do at a time.

I notice that on this page to the right there are links to share the page. I also note that in common with Edge and Internet explorer, that Outlook is not one of the options., Hotmail, mail for windows 10 and gmail, yahoo mail etc are there. Why isn't Outlook there? We pay for Office and this functionality should be included. It is there in Firefox. With Outlook as the default email client simply click the share email link to webpage and an outlook dialog box pops up. Perhaps is because this is chromium based, and in the Chrome browser there is only the option to share via gmail?.@Elliot Kirk 



Enterprise (Business) users are the foundation to Microsoft's income. My company is already working on an upgraded version of IE11 and I know of two energy companies that are as well. If Microsoft eliminates the ability to use a bookmark system that can't be managed outside of the browser then we (and others) are going to bypass Edge completely. Simply importing/exporting HTML links will not work for business. It will be fine for home users who have glued themselves to any Chromium based browser. But that process is useless in a corporate system where custom folders of bookmarks need to be created for individual departmental or team use, and distributed by employees and administrative support staff and not the IT department.. What made IE 11 so universal was it's bookmark management system. And that's why there are soooo many corporate holdouts to IE 11 in business still. It's the bookmark system. But the kiddies at Microsoft don't understand that because they have never been responsible for corporate level service of their staff. One Microsoft programmer tried to tell me all about server-level distribution of book marks. He was totally clueless how what an actual employee needs. The blowback will be enormous when the public and the media start reporting that Microsoft ignored the needs of their main customer group. Meanwhile, another browser maker reportedly is talking about redeveloping a browser just for business that will leave Microsoft behind. Microsoft has the Office Suite of products that is their mainstay (behind the Windows OS) but an independent company outdoing Microsoft in something like a browser, well, it won't be pretty. Microsoft needs to stop listening to their script kiddies and programmers and start listening to the business people that actually use their products.

I note with interest that through the Chromium engine Edge Betas appears to support Google Remote Desktops !
EdgeDev takes forever to load even on a fast internet jio connection. Also, New Tab press shows as Not Responding for long time every time. Please look into this.
Make the MSN news header much smaller for more room for news articles
Make an opposition for the top header including the search bar and all the tabs to disappear when the mouse isn't near similar to the task bar on windows 10.

@Elliot Kirk I am not a developer but i have been trying the new edge for a few months.  Actually i stopped using a about 1.5 months ago.  The reason is i keep getting spam like notifications from the browswer that I don't get on Chrome or the current Edge. You really need to check rouge developers.

I miss tab hover-preview functionality :(