macOS Blog: Improved Messaging on the Command-Q alert

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We have received a lot of feedback from macOS users about how Command-Q behaves in Microsoft Edge. We heard that most macOS users expect the app to quit instantly when they press Command-Q, while the behavior in Microsoft Edge is to require you to hold Command-Q to quit. There are a couple of reasons why we kept the behavior of holding Command-Q:

  • A lot of users prefer this because of concerns that they may lose an existing browser session due to accidentally tapping on Command-Q. In fact, we’ve seen users on Windows also requesting to add an option to warn them when they click on the exit button.
  • For those users who want to quit instantly, the option to do so is available in the Microsoft Edge menu.

Given the different uses, we decided to increase the discoverability of how to change the setting and turn off the alert. As a result, we added a new line on the alert to describe how you can turn it off and realign with the macOS behavior of quitting an app instantly. Now when you hold Command-Q, the alert will appear with the new line, “You can turn off this alert from ‘Microsoft Edge’ menu”.

Our team would love to get your feedback on this! It's now available in version 83 of our Dev channel, so try it out and then send us your thoughts via the Send feedback button, comment below, or reach out to us via Twitter at @MSEdgeDev.



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I never really cared for the details on how to turn the feature off since it actually is still quite easy to quit the browser but can prevent accidental quits.


The new message is clearer on how you can change the default behavior so I guess the goal seems achieved.

@dejan008 Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We're glad to hear that you see the benefit in the new messaging, and let us know if you have suggestions for any further improvements.


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge