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Is there a reason that charting in Access can not be on par with Excel. 

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Interesting question, indeed. 

There are probably a number of reasons. My opinion is that Access is, after all, a tool for the creation of relational database applications, and as such Microsoft always has, and always will, place greater priority on features that improve managing data than on features for displaying it. 

Another possible reason is that many developers have not been particularly concerned about it and have not made it a priority request because it is so easy to automate Excel to handle that display function while managing their data in their Access relational database applications. 


Beyond that, there are other considerations too. For example, starting in the last couple of versions, Access has begun to incorporate features of modern charting. As that work progresses, it seems highly likely that Access will become better at it. However, keep in mind that, for the most part, whatever resources Microsoft has to deploy for Access are more likely to go into aspects of improved data management.

A lot of people have serious questions regarding a Access' charting. Microsoft 'recently' tried revamping things with Modern Charts.

This is partially why I demonstrated that one could simply use any JavaScript charting library within Access to gain a little more control, refer to

That said, I'd suggest you use the feedback command with Access, as well as post on your feedback. Be detailed, explain what you are missing, what doesn't work, ...

Sadly, @ordnance1, once upon a time, Access had pivot tables and pivot charts. They were quick, comprehensive and easy to use... then they were gone. The monthly chart packs we had deeply integrated with the the Access app had to be recreated in Excel and the process and the final solution was just awful. 


Modern Charts don't even come close. After 4 solid weeks of effort we still can't get the charts to work reliably with Azure SQL queries and so we've returned to the OLE-driven Excel / Power Query approach.


Let's hope things improve, now that Access provides a viable frontend for Azure databases. 



As people see that the announced enhancements of modern Access charts do not happen for years, alternatives are being worked on. Daniel has already mentioned one in 2020: The integration of really modern and powerful Javascript frameworks.


Thomas Moeller offers it for free not only for static charts, but in his new project also for pivot charts. See my interview with him and the links to his projects below the video on Youtube.


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Hi @Karl Donaubauer,


Thanks for this. I have been exploring Thomas' Better Access Charts. They're excellent, but sadly miss the settings necessary for changing the font sizes on the axes. I've played with the code (as suggested by Thomas) but it's complicated. I have no experience of Chart JS, or any JS, for that matter... so it's been a steep learning curve.


Our preference would have been Microsoft just restoring (and updating) the pivot and charting functions... but alas, no hope of that.


Thank you for the suggestion though.

Thanks Daniel... this look very interesting. I've downloaded it to give a try.