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New "OLE" Problem with Legacy Chart Types MS Access Office 365

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In the last week we started seeing problems with legacy charts (apparently displayed as ole objects) on access forms. Some PC's suddenly can't load them (Windows 10) but the "Modern Charts" seem to work. Is support for Legacy charts being dropped or could this some sort of build / reference issue?


The error message upon loading a form with a legacy chart is "The OLE object isn't registered - The object may be calling an application that isn't installed. To register the application, reinstall it."


Windows 10 Build that works: 19044.1645

Windows 10 Build that doesn't work: 19043.1645

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if you are using Newer version of MSA, then convert the old chart to modern chart.
i guess, msa supplies the library for the chart and not the os.
That was what was puzzling. I could find no differences between the installations other than the OS version. They're the same version Office 365 version. All references were the same. Weird. I didn't realize I could convert the charts but but instead replaced them and we're good now.
We are starting to see similar reports on other forums of problems with charts. If Arnel's fix doesn't correct the problem, try rolling back recent Windows/Office updates to a version that still works.

I've not had any problems with older charts failing to display in different versions of Win 10.


Although there is a convert option for the older 'classic' charts, this is to convert to a Microsoft Graph Object ....NOT to a modern chart. AFAIK you cannot convert from the older charts to the modern charts.
In any case, the convert option has NEVER worked for me. Attempting to do this always results in the message 'an unexpected error has occurred. Please exit & restart Access. When I do so, the chart no longer exists

The older 'classic' charts also have an option to convert to an image but of course that will no longer update as data changes. I also get the OLE object is not registered error but the image is successfully created anyway


I had same event.

In my case, I reinstalled Microsoft 365 then solved.