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How can I set up something where I don't have to keep typing the information over and over?

Here is what I am talking about:

Entry Title





I need all of these to be combined as a group or relationship. Not sure what you would call this?

Can you help me out with this?

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Can you give us a little context? What is this for? Why are you typing the same data over and over again? If the data is coming from, say, a customer, then you would only need to select the customer using a combo box and his info could be copied over or at least referenced by a relationship.


Richard Rost
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I save my store receipts and mileages. If I go to Sam's Club I type the information in and save it.


This is an example of what I use. If I go to Sam's club 8 times a year I have to put the information in 8 different times. I also put other places in as well. Let me know if this helps you?

OK. I would suggest setting up a 2nd address for your locations. This way you would then pick Sam's Club from a list, and the category, phone, address, and any other fields you want (not sure what POC is... point of contact?) would automatically populate from that table. Then all you have to do is type in the transaction amount and mileage. Watch those videos I suggested earlier.
I used the basic template in Access called "Desktop Business Account Ledger". In the Entry Title, I put the store Name and I want the POC, Number, Address, and Mileage to autofill when I enter the Entry Title. I hope that this helps you out! Let me know if I need to give you any more information? Thank you
I do have a 2nd address, I don't know how to add this so that I can use it. I have it listed as a table listed as Company Information. What is the best way to get it to tell it where to go? POC stands for Point of Contact!
You can make multiple entries in your "locations" table if you have 2 different Sam's Clubs that you go to. Again... watch those videos.
OK, I will rewatch the one I did and watch the other ones. Thank you for your time.
I guess that I just don't understand what to do. Everything that I tried doesn't work for what I wanted it to do. It doesn't fill the boxes that I showed you. Looks like I will have to get help in person with someone that knows what to do. Thank you for your time and have a great day.