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Join us live during Teams On Air where we discuss the latest features and roadmap for Intelligent Communications in Office 365. You will also get the chance to participate in our live Q&A where your questions will be answered by experts from Microsoft Tea

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Did you manage to record this session?  It is something I need to understand!  Thanks

Join us live during Teams On Air where we discuss the latest features and roadmap for Intelligent Communications in Office 365. You will also get the chance to participate in our live Q&A where your questions will be answered by experts from Microsoft Tea

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I have seen there is some changes on Office 365 study guide, i am a student taking the course for Exam 70-346 & 70-347. Can someone assist me with the updated documents. Read More

We're new to Skype for Business Online / Calling Plan, and our users are all complaining about poor quality calls. They say calls just sound "bad" and they frequently have to repeat themselves, or ask callers to repeat themselves.


I'm having a tough tim

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Hi Nicholas,


Are you still experiencing poor call quality? I know there have been issues with MS Phone System that affects PSTN calls only. We see calls are being repor

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How is the quality if you test with a call from a pc?

Hi All,

E1 = Standard Cal 

E3 = Standard + Enterprise Cal 

E5 = Standard + Enterprise Cal  + Plus Cal 


What If E3 + Cloud PBX  = Standard + Enterprise Cal  + Plus Cal ?

Or E3 + Cloud PBX + Plus User CALs = Standard + Enterprise Cal  + Plus Cal ?



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Hi John,

What is your exact goal?
Do you want to use the licensing from your O365 for your on premises sfb?


SfB contact.pngHi All,


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


Someone asked me this and I thought the crowd may have an answer: What is the expected behavior of a contact record in SfB after an employee leaves.  In the image above, the contact record that is highlight

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I think people need to curate your own contact list. A contact object is a contact object regardless if it's internal or external, and being added as part of a distributi... Read More



I'm happy to announce we have just released an updated Network Assessment Tool for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. Download link is: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=53885 (version 2017.1.0.51)


This new version has

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I was helping a customer troubleshoot with this today and comparing the results with running it on my computer. I noticed that not all the IPs listed on the Office 365 IP

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Looks great! We were waiting for this :)

One point, do we have option to check what all IPs it tested during connectivity checks? I can only see two lines:

Starting Conne

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Is this purely for Skype for Business Online? It would be good to make sure the word 'Online' is used as I often find things related to SfB to find out they're Online onl

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Connectivity tests to the real services will be really useful in environments where the firewall is locked down. Great that it goes and pulls the current IP's and

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I can't find the usage.docx ? It only downloaded the .exe ?

I've tried restarting the Logitech Smartdock, and the tablet, And tried plugging in to other HDMI ports on the TV. The TV seems to detect that *something* is plugged into the port, but the tablet doesnt seem to detect a display. Logged in as Administrator

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I am having this same issue. All cables are connected, power cycled everything, still unable to detect. Did you ever find a solution?

Make sure the HDMI cables are securely plugged into the SmartDock.  They have a habbit of becoming unplugged too.

Have you tested on another tv? to rule out that its not the TVs fault.

within S4B Asmin center - Reports there is the public preview of Session Details.

is there a way to access this via API ? If not, any chance to get this ? :)


I need to retrieve for reporting purpose detailed S4B activity where start/end time of EVERY Skype

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is there a way to run this cmdlet without using a username ?


my aim is to retrieve ALL users sessions from the last 15minutes

At the moment i take all users from the di

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Try the Get-CsUserSession cmdlet :)

Hello all, I am currently working on a project in skype for business. what I want is the following. I have a picture on a website. when it is printed on the picture, it must immediately set up a videocall. what happens now, I press the picture and he open

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Hi all,


   I tried to setup an on-premises server to test the federation connectivity between an online and on-premise user. However, after I setup the server and applied the cert. It shows the incoming connection from lync is rejected in our sever. The

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Hi Brian Lai.


It is most likely not a certificate error, as the error message says "The peer FQDN or IP Address is not recognized...", but you need to verify you have t

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Hi Experts,

One of our customer raised the below query:

Is there way to remove call button on Skype for Business online client?

Please advise. Many thanks.

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Hi there.


Absolutely, but you'll need to remove the audio call feature fra the user. Are you certain you want to do that??


Go to your Skype for Business Admin Center, loc

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The client only shows features which have been enabled to the end user.  Have you confirmed that the user in question has only got PC-to-PC Only set?

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I'm using iOS 11.2. Every time I start up the S4B mobile app on my phone, I get this error message:

"Saving phone number disabled due to the server policy".


It doesn't seem to cause any actual problems, everything still works normally as far as I can te

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I would like to be informed about the state of development for the Trusted Application API .

We need a UCMA substitude for S4B online users.

I can't see any progress last 4-5 months and there are not answers in questions about its features.

Please, it is

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It's still coming AFAIK, no word otherwise.  Do you develop a contact center?  

We would like the ability to disable Video chat on a number of shared workstations. When users log on to their normal workstation they should be able to use video but when they log on to our shared workstations in a secure area we don't want it as an opti

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Jacob Stimpson : Update the policy in Shared workstations to restrict the Skype for business video. So that user cant use the video in the shared workstation.

http://blog.schertz.name/2016/06/skype-for-business-vbss-update/ Read More

In the midst of a PBX migration to SfB Online (pure online deployment with CloudPBX); running into an odd issue;


some users (for whatever reason it seems specific to a single site currently) are not obeying outbound caller ID as defined by the CallingLine

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We are experience this as well.  Currently have a ticket open #6721919 and are awaiting a response/escalation.


Did anyone find a resolution?

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We had this exact problem as well, and could only get it resolved with a support ticket.


Were these numbers ported in? (My speculation is that this only occurs on ported

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My company using Office 365 Business Essentials and Office 365 Enterprise E1 and plan to setup Skype for Business for internal communicate. So, our security concern how can we audit for chat log?





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Skype for business Online have only Exchange as Archiving:




Microsoft Office

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Dont think there is a way to audit messages. Only place chat is stored is in the conversation history folder in the users mailbox. 


Specialy in Norway for eksample, you

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Does anyone know the status of the chat language translation feature in Skype for Business? I can find some old slide decks that showed it on the roadmap, but nothing about its actual availability or current plans.

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Is it possible to ignore a call that comes in on a call queue?  We have a call queue setup and the only option when the notificiation comes us is to answer.  This makes it kind of annoying if you are already on a call because it just keeps ringing or you

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Finally have a solution after months of struggling to no avail: 


Go to the individual computers skype for business settings -> Ringtones & Sounds -> Sound Settings -> S

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Bump. Is there an update to this? This is a show stopper. We deployed call queues and when you are already on a call, having it ring again in your ear just doesn't work.
Any update on this? Having the same issue.
Another thing we have noticed is that the caller id does not transfer with the call as it shows that the call is from the queue and not a caller. Is there any way as well... Read More

What? This doesn't seem right.  This isn't how a call queue should work. In essence, it should act like a call center function where each person that is part of the "queu

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the latest update to core components breaks test-csucwaconference
i have verified it on two separate systems

after the update you get the following error:
Test-CsUcwaConference -TargetFqdn fepool1.domain.com -ParticipantSipAddress sip:watcher2@domain.com -Re

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Check .NET version, and ensure you have .NET 4.5.2 installed.  Missing method error indicates likely related to core code.  Error is in similar range to https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3209492/step-1-of-sfb-2015-deployment-wizard-fails-after-you-install-cu4. 

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I would be very interested to hear if this problem has been resolved!

Do you mean the CU5 update?

Have received this error after applying SfB server CU5 on Saturday, but I cannot find the KB3199088 installed on Skype servers. 

It would be great to get some feedback on this issue. Especially if its known by MS and will be fixed soon :)






I'm happy to announce that we have updated the Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) for Skype for Business Online and Microsoft Teams with two new features based on user feedback:


1. Support for Report Reader role for access to CQD

Users assigned to the R

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If a user created a CQD report, and we want to provide this to other users
How can I export/import this to the default/system or a specific user?

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You can export the report as "Excel File" ?

I opened a case with Office 365 support, but they really couldn't understand my issue.  We're moving from GotoMeeting to Skype for our phone and web conferencing.  However, we have run in to issues with our clients being unable to "install" the MSI for th

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The Skype for Business web apps do require installing a plugin or an app (depending on the version).  If a user doesn't have permission to install any app, then they will

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Doesn't help right now but I'd keep an eye on Microsoft Teams. It's the eventual successor to the Skype for Business client anyway and they are looking to bring more func

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I see multiple instances of chats with the same contact.  This is really cluttering up my Skype for Business app window in both my mobile iOS and my desktop app.



Chat session with Joe at 10:00 for 10 minutes

Chat session with Joe again at 14:00 for

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I don't believe M$ will ever correct this issue. As a System Administrator in the middle of a G Suite to Office 365 migration, it has been very disappointing to see that

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Summer has been and gone in the UK and the problem still hasn't been resolved.

It's coming up to summer in the southern hemisphere now...


Really need all the same contact to have the same thread for all sessions. 


Should we expect an update or wait

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I am also (still) having this issue. Now end-of August. Looking forward to update. 





  • I have not discerned a pattern except that it seems to split when there was a
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Any news on this?

I am currently using a SRS v2 3.0.15 Logitech Smartdock.  Everything seems to connect and working properly except when we hang up on a meeting and try to re-join the same meeting again.  The second join gives us the hold music for a brief second, I see th

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When a response group is created in Skype for business and someone views the contact card of the Response Group. The user can see an email address, (which is not valid). and an IM which is also not valid. Is there a way to remove these settings or replace

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We are in the process of setting up a Response Group with a small caveat.


This team from time to time has meetings during regular working hours and need the ability to have all staff attend the meeting.

Having said this, they do not want calls sitting in t

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not tested on response groups but it works for users and is worth testing

To enable call forwarding directly to voicemail where +44123467891 is the voicemail number



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Could help to set maximum calls in que to 0. But then you have to get into the skype online admin portal or enter a powershell command. But guess the users needing to set

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