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We are running s Skype for Business Hybrid environment (Cloud PBX with on-prem PSTN connectivity) and our company is looking to implement Modern Authentication (ADAL).  I am coming across articles that state ADAl is not supported for S4B Hybrid environmen

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Has anyone attempted this and what was your experience?  We are currently in the process of moving all of our users from on-premises to the cloud.  I found a great article that goes through some steps modify DNS to support online only connnectivity.


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Yes certainly possible to complete your migration and after the last user has been moved to Skype4B Online you can begin the process to transistion DNS to be a cloud only

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Hi guys


This might be simple but I'm not a Skype guru so I will just ask you guys.


We are a danish company and therefor we have deployed Microsoft Office with DK as language. But when users invite to a Skype FP meeting, the invite is in danish. I know how

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You can try in outlook:

FILE -> Options -> Language -> Choose Display and Help Languages -> Select "English" and Set as Default.

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Hello Jesper!


I believe you are already on the right track, as this is not something that can be set from the server side; it will be an Office setting, as you already di

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I am working on a chat application for which I am using Skype Trusted API. I followed the steps outlined here "https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/skype/trusted-application-api/docs/anonymousmeetingjoin". I am running into an issue with the trusted API

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Any update or resolution to this issue? Code that was working 1 month ago stopped working recently and throwing the same servicefailure posted.

I recently deployed a SRS V2 device and it will not auto launch SfB. Is there a way to achieve this without a reimage of the device? I should point out that everything is working fine. I just can't get it to auto launch SfB after the device is powered up

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what are the best practices when you join a domain for the proxy authentification ?

Did you join the SrS device to a domain?    It may have possibly pulled down a GPO that modified the auto launch of the built in Skype profile

We have an interesting issue in our Skype for Business online environment.  Some of our user's missed conversations which are saved to the Missed Conversations folder in our Exchange Online cloud email inboxes have timestamps on the conversations that are

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Same thing here, would like to see a fix at some point.

Like to revive this thread, as we are seeing the same issue, although our tenant is hosted in the US. The timestamp is exactly 3 hours off (see screenshot).MissedConv.png








A quick

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Have these users logged into OWA and set their timezone there?

Thats a strange one. Are both exchange and skype users located in European Azure datacenters?



We are currently deploying Skype for business mobile apps for internal use.


Before that, the use of mobile apps was mostly external. No problem...


But it appears that by using applications internally, users receive many warning related to the fact tha

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Is it possible to purchase public certs for the internal SfB Infrastructure?

This is really the best route to take and will eliminate a lot of headaches if you want to pr

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Hi Benoit,
Mobile apps are using the dns records lyncdiscover.domain.com for login in.
Desktop clients are using in first case lyncdiscoverinternal.domain.com.

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We have a few users whose contact cards are displaying phone numbers that do not exist on their accounts or contacts. These phone numbers did previously exist on their AD accounts but were corrected some time ago.


So far I have confirmed that the number d

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Are you using Outlook/Skype on-prem or Online? If online, did you check the attributes in O365? There may be some data not syncing back to your on-prem AD.


Been there :-)

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Does all the users see these non-existing numbers? Please make sure that user which is seeing wrong data, does not have local contact in Outlook (under People section) wi

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What happens if you on a S4B client removes a users from the contact list, then add again?

Could it be something is cached at the client side?  Tried to delete the S4B use

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Hi all,

Is possible to relay on the SQL Log Shipping features to send the LCSCDR and QoE databases to another Site (eg. our DR site) to achieve the DR of these databases?


My organization have these database in the Primary Site (SQL AlwayOn env.) but in cas

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Hi  everyone,

Are there other factors besides someone joining a meeting with a vbss-unsupported client or remote controlling that would drop screen sharing from vbss to rdp?  We have full desktop vbss drop out to rdp at random times and stay that way for t

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There are other factors:

-Presenting Program instead of desktop

-Conferencing End Points (Room Systems that don't support VBSS)

-Reg Keys (All it takes is 1 attendee to be r

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Is it possible to ignore a call that comes in on a call queue?  We have a call queue setup and the only option when the notificiation comes us is to answer.  This makes it kind of annoying if you are already on a call because it just keeps ringing or you

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Bump. Is there an update to this? This is a show stopper. We deployed call queues and when you are already on a call, having it ring again in your ear just doesn't work.
Any update on this? Having the same issue.
Another thing we have noticed is that the caller id does not transfer with the call as it shows that the call is from the queue and not a caller. Is there any way as well... Read More

What? This doesn't seem right.  This isn't how a call queue should work. In essence, it should act like a call center function where each person that is part of the "queu

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I'm looking at using the Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800 as a replacement for some of our smaller conference rooms. We are currently using a combined traditional conference phone with a Surface tablet with SfB connected for video and chat. It is messy and ... Read More
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I'm really impressed with the quality. Remember to update the software :-)

I works well in rooms where I told customers that they could not get a decent sound due to acout

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I'm happy to report the RealPresence Trio is working now.  I'll run it through more tests before deploying to our executives offices but this looks like it will easily re

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I finally broke down and purchased one of these and after spending a few hours trying to get it updated and will say that this is not an easy connection to S4B... it shou

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My view on the Trio has changed dramatically now that I've taken Visual+ out of the equation. I read recently that Visual+ isn't Skype certified, and with the imminent re... Read More



I agree with David - "I really want to like the Trio", but when we tried it some 8 months ago, during my previous employment it was far from complete. We were testi

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I've observed that our Call Queue behavior has changed. Initially, calls that entered the call queue would ring all the users agents assigned to that call queue. It would not ring SfB on our ios devices. 


Then suddenly several weeeks ago the call que

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I can sign-in to my O365 account on Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800 from public Internet, however, on corporate network (behind the firewall) sign-in process never ends (waited like for 20 minutes). At the same time, all users in the office can sign in to

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Two potential issues here:


First if your network employs a web proxy to protect outbound TCP 443 traffic then you'll need to allow an exception in the proxy server for th

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are you logging on using adam@contoso.com or adam@contoso.onmicrosoft.com?

Did you miss our last Skype for Business Broadcast on Hybrid PSTN?  It was a great session with lots of questions - but not to worry... @Oliver Chiu shared the FAQ in this recent blog post.  Check out what you missed...



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