Is there a way to get Skype Broadcast to use a dial in PSTN number.

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Is there a way to get Skype Broadcast to have the optoion for audio to be a dial in PSTN number.  I cannot find any documentation on this.  We need a dial in option.

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Currently there is not a PSTN Dialin Option for Meetings but it is in future plans.

When will it be available? I am looking Skype Meeting Broadcast as a enhancement to Large conference (1000), and help with our limitation which we can hold only a meeting in a pool.
Please note that any Skype Meeting Broadcast meeting is made up of an inner meeting (which is pretty much a standard SfB meeting) and an outer meeting (which is where the broadcast proper happens). People in the inner meeting have more choices of how they join, but there's a limit on the scale (as there would be for any SfB meeting).

We need this too... A Dial- In conference bridge for the Skype Boradcast session... how is this not available yet?

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Hey Francois,


I understand where you're going with this, but I think that we need to expand on your point to avoid confusion :)


As a member of the event team, you are joining into the broadcast as an authenticated presenter into a federated meeting hosted by MSFT. More specifically, you're joining into a meeting hosted by (In North America)


Even this "internal meeting" DOES NOT have a dial in number, nor does it allow dial out or transfer to PSTN. 


Here is the error when joining from 2016 MSI and attempting to transfer the audio to a phone:



And here is the error when joining from C2R and attempting to leverage "Call me at":



As always, a Skype for Business approved audio device works as expected.


As an Attendee, you will leverage you default audio device in windows for audio playback.


In summary, If you attempt to beat the system and invite attendees into the "Internal meeting," there is still no dial in option. :(


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Any update on when this will be delivered? I agree that it's absolutely critical for broadcast to be truly useful. 

Has Microsoft addressed this in the last INSIGHT ?

same we need PSTN for Skype Broadcast