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I just installed Windows 10 Fall Creators Update yesterday to try out the One Drive On Demand.  It works well, however I was hoping it would have integration with One Drive for Business.  


Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way, but is One Drive for Bu

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I've been using it in our company and with several customers with succes. But I figured if I'd download the latest OneDrive client and install it on Windows 8.1 (or

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Also, this might be of interest, here is more info about the previous OneDrive sync client (Groove.exe) and Office 365 ProPlus, that it won't be installed by default and

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Best Response confirmed by Juan Carlos González Martín (MVP)
If you mean the old OneDrive for Business (Groove) client, that's all deprecated now. You can use the new, next-gen sync client, which supports both Personal and O365 acc... Read More

I am in charge of creating and deploying customized MS templates for the organization I work with. I wish to set up a Workgroup Templates folder for everyone in the organization to access, but employees are scattered throughout the world in offices and in

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Have you tried the steps mentioned in your link, as it looks like it's an early adopter feature :

Test SharePoint Online sync for Mac

  1. If you're using the OneDrive Mac S

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Is the folder on a particular users onedrive for business site or a sharepoint online document library?

When you say you cannot sync it, is there an error?If,yes..share t

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My advice here:
(1) Ask your Office 365 Admin if everything is correctly setup in your tenant to use Next Generation Sync Client (I have found many cases where the setting... Read More

Is it possible to get version History of the documents which is shared with me by a colleague from OneDrive? if yes then how?

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If you navigate to the persons onedrive URL / directory can you not view the history there?

Can anyone provide some information on the best practice on dealing with OneDrive documents that have been shared externally by users who have since departed the business? We are looking at a process to disable the sharing, but I can't find how to do this

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Do you want to keep those files shared with the external users, or remove that?
If the latter then simply move the files to another location and the sharing will stop. Read More

With Files On-Demand, I am trying to understand the point of changing the status from "Available on this device" to "Always available on this device".


As I understand it, as soon as the status becomes "Available on this device" , OneDrive maintains a sy

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"Always available on this device" means that you explicitly requested to sync permanently the item. Hence the system will never automatically delete the local copy.


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Hey Guys, I finally got this to work.. A few things to check: 1.The GPO that distributes the registry key for SilentConfig - ENSURE that the this is linked to the OU that... Read More

By adding the registry key and the group policy settings including Files on Demand I finally have gotten it to auto configure the basic configuration, but now I'm stuck w

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Can OneDrive be a replacement for file server?

Also curious how to get this feature to work.

HI Priyanka


Did you able to implement this feature? If so please share how did you resolved it?



I'm a bit confused with the two ways that a file can be saved to view offline.  What is the difference between the 'locally available' files and 'always available' files?  I saw the overview online, but it doesn't really tell me if the locally available f

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This unclear message on the 3 OneDrive options affects hundreds of millions of users.  Please change it at the earliest.  Many Thanks.

I have the exact same questions, Chris, after reading the available information mentioned at https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Learn-about-OneDrive-Files-On-Demand-0e6860d3-d9f3-4971-b321-7092438fb38e

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Seeing the following when attempting to share from ODFB - clicking to resolve as suggested does nothing. These users exist in another tenant that I am also a member of. They are not defined in my own tenant from which I'm attempting to share this document

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the logical explanation would be that when you created them as internal users, and assigned some permission to them/shared something from your onedrive, there was an entr... Read More
Hard to say hehe.. Could have been stale entries on the User Information table or the possibility that these were first created as internal users then shared external OR ... Read More

1.Which is the account out of the two that is creating a problem(from the screenshot)?

Can you share with one entry at a time so that you can pin point on the actual prob

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I am currently using the ODFB preview client 17.3.6743.1212 to sync a single group and a single SharePoint online document library.  The Office 365 group library is working as expected but all the documents stored in the SharePoint library have a green pa

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I had the same problem with "padlocks" showing in the ODfB folder, with none of the fixes proposed here or on other forums resolving it. No columns were mandatory, check-

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Tested again with the latest build. No changes. With mandatory metadata, the sync is read-only.


Fall Creators update is expected to ship very soon. I really hope this is

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I am having the same issue.

This is the first library I've tried applying multiple custom columns to. Not sure if that is the problem. 

Just discovered this thread because I'm having the same issue. Didn't know this was a bug. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. 

I have the same problem. This is terrible and frustrating!

With the latest 'Shared with me' update, it seems the sync button has gone away. Was this by design? Some of my users like being able to sync the files they had in there with other users. not the end of the world just curious if it's coming back or someth

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I wish there was a 'Shared with me' folder in OneDrive shell interface permanently. this would make it so much easier to introduce these things to new users in a corporat

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Hi @Christopher Webb,


I chatted with the owner of Shared With Me and even the old SWM experience didn't have a "sync" button, that we're aware of at least :) Are you su

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I am testing out OneDrive OnDemand in my VDI environment.  Currently we map a webdav connection up to the users onedrive and we have been looking forward to the OnDemand feature for some time.


I have found that if the use has more in their onedrive than

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Weird issue I was wondering if anyone has run into.  We have OneDrive sharing options configured to have links expire to anon users after 5 days.  However we'll have a link expire immediately when shared out of Outlook.  


Good example which literally just

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Can OneDrive be a replacement for file server?

Hi @John Nash,


Let's see if we can figure this out! What I suspect is happening is that on Day 1, someone created a link to the document with the 5 day expiration. On D

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We have Folder Redirection enabled for Documents and a few of the other normal user profile folders and when you have this combined with Silent Config on a computer I've noticed an issue.  When a user with existing folders in OneDrive logs onto a PC

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In one of our clients tenants, users are seeing the name of the Secondary Site Collection Admin when they look at who a file is shared with. This does not seem like correct behavior. Is anyone else seeing this?

 @Stephen Rose

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Yes, it's normal.

In ODfB you always see all SC admins listed as owners.

That’s how it’s always been.



I have a customer whom we've recently turned on 'Files On Demand' (version 17.3.7076.1026 - most recent version). Intermittently when they open file's from Sharepoint (Via One Drive Files on Demand), they receive the below error (screenshot below)



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In the Onedrive deployment guidance we're instructed to edit the Onedrive GPO template (Onedrive.admx) to insert specific values.


For example, replacing {INSERT YOUR TENANT'S GUID HERE} with our actual tenant GUID.


The GUID part is easy, but the next cust

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Hi Paul,


With the latest versions of OneDrive (0815 and beyond), we'll no longer require direct modifications to the file to enable tenant default directory settings. A

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I was just having this exact discussion with my client earlier this week. We have not been able to get it work either.


On a related note, how many GPOs do you create? I a

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As we are know after deployment of OneDrive for Business the local folder names on systems as 
"c:\users\username\OneDrive - Organization Name". 

We want to change the location of this folder from user profile folder to different location. 

What is the

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Out of curiosity, why do you want to change the default location?

I can't seem to figure out how to check out a document which is stored on Sharepoint but I edit through my synced folder using the OneDrive sync app.


Aware that you can't check in/out on OneDrive itself, but why is this really useful feature not working o

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I'm looking for this feature also!

You should also be able to check in/out directly from the Office apps.

What are you trying to do that isn't working?
One of the ways to check in/out a file is to right-click on it from the browser and press the Check In or Check Out option. Read More


This is new and is worrying lots of users trying to quickly share docs which the presume will remain confidential within OneDrive for Business

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Anyway you can change the default in OneDrive admin center.


2017-03-07 14_34_09-OneDrive for Business Admin Preview.jpg

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I noticed this as well as it's not the default way we'd like OneDrive files to be shared.  You can update this in the OneDrive Admin Center.  Under sharing set the defaul

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This is the new way of sharing in OneDrive for Business.

I see an odd behaviour with a folder that is shared with editing rights.


When I share a folder wth a colleague he can open that folder via shared with me.

When he clicks on New he only gets the option new folder and new link.










After creating a new fo

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Hi @Maurits Knoppert,


Thanks for reporting this! We've reproduced the issue internally and are investigating. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

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Within Office365 > OneDrive.

On Mac and windows (both chrome), users are starting to notice that when an external contact is entered which has been used many times before without issue, is now getting the error "The link can't be sent because at least one

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I am having the same issue. Our OneDrive admin console is set to allow anonymous sharing of URL's

Yet, anytime I enter a person outside of our organization, the error is:


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Is there any way to add and open files shared with me onto my OneDrive

-- ie. To work on those files directly on my windows explorer folder, under my local OneDrive folder?


Came across this article https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Add-and-sync-shared-folders-to-OneDrive-8a63cd47-1526-4cd8-bd09-ee3f9bfc1504

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With NGSC at the moment:

  1. You cannot sync "Shared with me" as a whole.
  2. You cannot sync individual files shared with you.
  3. You can sync whole folders shared with you.
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I currently have one users that doesn't see some (not all) Office 365 Groups in their OneDrive for Business Web Client. The same hidden groups are all visible and accessible in all other services (owa, planner, sharepoint).

It's not a browser issue, we

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Same response here. I was looking to find a way to resolve for some users. They are following and removed and checked again.

This is still an issue for some of my users. User is part of group, is following, has been removed and re-added but the groups doesn't show in their onedrive without swit

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Chad below had the right instructions, but I had to explore to find out how to make the group appear:

1. Go to the group's page you'd like to have appear in OneDrive

2. Cli

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Some of my groups weren't showing. If you go into SharePoint, search for the group, then follow group in the top-right, they will show up in OneDrive.
Strange, I can confirm I'm seeing Groups in OneDrive in the usual way



I saw in o365 roadmap about Silent Sync Acct Config( Windows 10 only and requires ADAL)


This is suppose to be roll out in Sept, is this feature rolled out for all the O365 tenant. 


Can anyone what exact this functionality and how this can be imple

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I have an Office 365 account without any admin privileges, but somehow I can still reach pages at https://admin.onedrive.com. It takes a second before I get an "access denied", but this gives me enough time to click on https://admin.onedrive.com/?v=AccessPolicySettings

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After reading your post, i can confirm i am experiencing the same. a standard user types in admin.onedrive.com, and theres a split second time window before it says acces

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