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You have the option to accept answers for a form. When you untick Accept answers. When you have done that you are able to give a message to a user that they can't give an answer at the moment and you can give some more information.


But when you use the op

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It's a good suggestion, Maurits. I have shared it with my team. I will recommend you to post your new feature ideas on our User Voice site: https://microsoftforms.uservoice.com/ Read More

I would like to have a Form for my class where students can request a regrade of assignments.  This is a form I would leave on my site all year.


It would be nice if I could select an option for the Form to send me an email when a new response comes in.  T

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I would like this feature as well!

I recently created a set of forms and emailed out the links. Unfortunatly on two of the surveys some of the answers are not being recorded. In all cases the questions are marked as 'required'. See attached - there should be at least 5 boys or girls showin

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Hi Faye, can you please send me your form url / Share it as a template ? Also, is this the only form in which you are facing this issue?
Has anyone worked with the Take a Test app yet? I like the idea of this, but have yet to work out some details. I've created a quiz in Forms, but cannot find the checkbox to create the link in "lockdown mode". (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/edu/windows/create-tests-using-microsoft-forms... Read More
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I have shared this thread with our Take a test PM, she will get back on this tread with more details.

Hi @Nakul Madaan can you give an update about this question? In the technet articel there must be a checkbox in the settings from a form to open the automatically in the

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It appears that Ctrl-Alt-Del is the only way to exit the app. It works, but seems like a very ungraceful exit and is not clear that this is the only way out. Am I missing... Read More

Thanks for this info!


However it is not working when using it together with Forms :-(


We use ADFS, when trying to log in, the redirect to our ADFS fails with a message th

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You can use this link.




When you replace <URL> for the url to the Form .


A student can click on the link or you can make a sh

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Is there anyway to get Microsoft forms in our Enterprise E3 tenant?  People need this feature and I saw NOTHING about Microsoft forms at Ignite.  Can we expect any news about forms coming to other tenants besides education tenants by the end of the year?

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Hi, did you ever get a response to this?

Until the option to work together easily with Forms I am still using some Excel surveys. Today I saw that I can't edit existing Excel Surveys. 


Do you know if this function has been taken away from the SharePoint library?

There is still the option to make

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It would be great if you could choose a notification setting. Eg. send a notification(email) for each answer or send a notification after 20 (or any given number) answers have been given.
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Adding notification feature is currently in our backlog. Thanks for taking the time and sharing your feature request with us.
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Have you looked into Microsoft flows?

I normally insert the excel spreadsheet into OneNote. When I open the spreadsheet in excel the 'add-in' data refresh connection is now missing. So I'm unable to refresh the data and see new responses. I have to go back to the online form and reopen and re

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Hi Liz,


We have retired the data sync "Add-in". We are working on several new features, include native data sync.




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I am trying to find a way to share editing capabilities in Forms.  I have create a form to use for a grade level and would like to be able to share it with other grade level teachers so that they can see responses and edit questions. I have not, as

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Hi Candace - We have recently released Forms sharing and several others new feature.


Forms sharing will enable form designers to share forms with other people, or invit

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As a teacher who shares classes this would be a really useful feature for forms (which are fab) as I'd like both of the class teachers to be able to see the responses.
Hi Candace, Thanks for taking the time and sharing your question. Form sharing scenario is currently at the top of our todo list.

Listening to millions of users’ voices, and leveraging latest Microsoft technology, we improved Microsoft Forms to be more collaborative and productive, by adding following capabilities:

  • Collaboration: Forms sharing will enable form designers to share fo
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During a presentation I saw that sharing a Form has been rolled out. This was something I was waiting for. Thank you!


Am I right that you always have to save the link to get to a shared form?


I saw the behaviour that after opening a shared form that the f

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Whoah! Great, thanks for the news, missed the presentation. 

Really a big thanks to microsoft crews too. That was a MOST WANTED feature!

Hi Maurits, you're correct that currently you need to re-open the form using the link you were provided.


You're not crazy about seeing the shared form before an F5, we ha

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Would it be possible to make the whole answer visible when I hover my mouse on the diagram? Would be helpful!

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how do i even make the diagram visible? I cannot find any option for viewing it on mac or ios
Thanks for sharing the feedback, i will discuss it with our team.

In the choice questions you have to enter each option one by one. If you already have a list of options, for examples names to use the branch facility, there is no way of pasting these straight in either from text or a spreadsheet.

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Now you can insert YouTube video to Microsoft Forms by video URL!


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For serveral months I am hoping there will be some changes on Forms. Many questions have been asked. Alle of them where answered with more or less the same answer: Thank you for your response and it is on our roadmap. But after many months of waiting, I s

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Hi Rene. I dont know how much it adds to the conversation, but I was recently involved in demo'ing some upcoming features and they are very exciting. I too feel your impa

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