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Hi there,


I noticed that the Opera Browser in its latest version 46.0.2597.26 displays a fraud warning by default, when opening a MS Forms link. Yes, I can bypass this warning by clicking on Ignore this warning or maybe adjust some settings, but I think i

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I really like the functionality of Forms!

Would it be possible to have Form as an action in Flow? This could be used in an example where you want to send out a customer survey for each helpdesk ticket is that closed. This would also mean that you would hav

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It looks like this is supported now.

I really like forms but I want to be able to redirect users back to a webpage after they have submitted a form - is there a way to edit that final thank you screen they are shown?

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This is a must!  Even just being able to do ?source=somepage.aspx  or whatever would be fine :)

Is there anyway to get Microsoft forms in our Enterprise E3 tenant?  People need this feature and I saw NOTHING about Microsoft forms at Ignite.  Can we expect any news about forms coming to other tenants besides education tenants by the end of the year?

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All good on E3 here. Signed in and now have access

Working for me in an E3 first release tenant, didn't see anything other than the license, browsed to and it logged me straight in.



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Promising news it seems, if you trust the roadmap that is :)



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Hi, did you ever get a response to this?

If you've been using Excel Surveys to create your quick and dirty questionnaires, then you've probably had to deal with managing all the results in Excel directly.  As I've discussed in my article, Microsoft Flow Preview for Office 365 Business Tenants - First Impressions,

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It's great that you can use Flow to get Forms info and run workflows, etc, but curiously I see that the score isn't available. Seems like a strange piece to leave off.

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We are currently getting this error as well.  Is there a resolution for it yet?



We seem to be getting this error as well for some of our staff any ideas what this is?



We had it the other day, but it finally stopped on its own. Today though, I'm getting sporadic reports of it from some of my teachers.
Let me know if you are still facing this error, this issue is resolved now.

It would be really useful to be able to retrict the number of responses to a form.  I use microsoft forms as an ordering device for food and need to be able to limit the number of responses (in a similar way as setting the end time)

It would also be extrem

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Hi Erica,

Some of these options do exist under "..." menu and "settings" but perhaps could be refined further.

See below


You can make suggestions and upvote on the official

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A setting for a max number of responses would be very useful.

We are trying to embed a Microsoft Form into sharepoint, we generate the code and place it on the Sharepoint page which looks ok in preview but dissapears when saved.


Any ideas?



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Is there solution for this problem? We have the same problem in our Sharepoint. I try to embed MS form but after save it doesn't show. If I embed Youtube video, it works

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Alan - can you share the screenshot with us or any other error message that you see?



I have a business form where i want the students/staff of th education sector using their Office 365 tenancies use some of the list and libraries from a different tenant. The opeartions include CRUD.


Also the list, libraries will be hosted in a differ

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For a global student assessement form/tool we are looking into MS Forms. However it is mandatory to to process incoming results automatically (5.000 results expected each year).


Is there any news on the development of an API (to get to the results) or int

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I will answer my own question: Flow support has just recently been added.

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It's great to see that Microsoft has made the Forms product available to non-Educational tenants.  But now that many of us have it available in our toolbelt, questions started around its use and purpose and how it would play along with other related produ

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Please support the idea of Forms integration into Ms Teams. There are only about 5 votes or so and the developers prioritise what they do based on the votes.

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Hi @Marius Pretorius,


I'm all for expanding the Microsoft Teams functionality.  Out of curiosity, what would be your use of it in Teams, as today, Forms is mostly used fo

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Is this in user voice? link?


It works in a web tab in teams for a workaround until the full integration is there.

Just put in

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Anyone know how to change the language of a form?


I hope it is not changing profile or local computer settings.

Just I have an international organisation who want to be able to send forms in different languages.



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I had to make a survey for our company personell and it required quite a bit of branching at the beginning. but now when i released it almost half of the branchings are gone and when i try to fix them Forms is jus rolling the saving icon on the top r

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