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I normally insert the excel spreadsheet into OneNote. When I open the spreadsheet in excel the 'add-in' data refresh connection is now missing. So I'm unable to refresh the data and see new responses. I have to go back to the online form and reopen and re

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Hi Liz,


We have retired the data sync "Add-in". We are working on several new features, include native data sync.




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It would be great if you could choose a notification setting. Eg. send a notification(email) for each answer or send a notification after 20 (or any given number) answers have been given.
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Another voice for notifications on forms.

Email notifications would be an awesome feature for us in Higher Ed! One example use case: a form could be embedded in an LMS course to let students easily ask a question

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Adding notification feature is currently in our backlog. Thanks for taking the time and sharing your feature request with us.
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Have you looked into Microsoft flows?
Has anyone worked with the Take a Test app yet? I like the idea of this, but have yet to work out some details. I've created a quiz in Forms, but cannot find the checkbox to create the link in "lockdown mode". (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/edu/windows/create-tests-using-microsoft-forms... Read More
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I have shared this thread with our Take a test PM, she will get back on this tread with more details.

Hi @Nakul Madaan can you give an update about this question? In the technet articel there must be a checkbox in the settings from a form to open the automatically in the

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It appears that Ctrl-Alt-Del is the only way to exit the app. It works, but seems like a very ungraceful exit and is not clear that this is the only way out. Am I missing... Read More

Thanks for this info!


However it is not working when using it together with Forms :-(


We use ADFS, when trying to log in, the redirect to our ADFS fails with a message th

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You can use this link.




When you replace <URL> for the url to the Form .


A student can click on the link or you can make a sh

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I've looked but can't figure this out - the charts in Forms Responses look great even with multiple-response questions. I downloaded the responses to Excel and I'm trying to recreate some of the pivot charts - but the multi-select questions export as semi

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Once you export to excel using flash fill in excel 2016 will separate the multiple response answers

We are currently getting this error as well.  Is there a resolution for it yet?



We seem to be getting this error as well for some of our staff any ideas what this is?



We had it the other day, but it finally stopped on its own. Today though, I'm getting sporadic reports of it from some of my teachers.
Let me know if you are still facing this error, this issue is resolved now.

I have noticed that if I want to print the form, not a summary of the responses but the actual form, then the webprint view only prints 1 page. If the form actually spans quite a few questions then it does not print multiple pages to pick up the other que

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I too have that problem, but my work around is to just copy and paste the response into word, then print.
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I've had the same problem. I've posted it on the Uservoice forum.

Hi, we are using Forms for registrations.  I know you can export into Excel but is there a way to export responses into Access?  We'd like to get the data into a database for storage and reporting.



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Great question! I'm keen to know too.

I am learning to use Microsoft Forms. I want to design a form and send to people (without Office 365 account).


It is okay for me to set "Anyone with the link can respond". But I tested and found that I can re-input another response after submit the forms

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Only people within your organisation can be set for One response per person. You could filter it out based on the Start or completion time When you export the responses t... Read More


Does somebody know the exact specification of a short or long text question?
I like to let my students take an essay with forms and take a test app.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Forms Team.

I was curious.. is there any way to access the data before pulling it down to excel? 


Could i access the data in the cloud somewhere? Instead of downloading the excel file could we host it in our OneDrive  or get a mirrored copy so this wa

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Has anyone else had this issue?

When creating a "Choice" question item in a Form and you use a first person contraction (I'd, I'll, I'm, I've) in any of the response options, a red bar appears at the top with this message:  "We couldn't add the question. P

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The issue was fixed last week. You can have a try again.
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Thank you for reporting this issue. This is a bug in Forms starting on 4/7. We will fix this.

I had this problem this weekend trying to create a multiple choice quiz. I was copy/pasting my text into the Form, and I would constantly get the red bar. Sometimes my st

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Is there anyway to get Microsoft forms in our Enterprise E3 tenant?  People need this feature and I saw NOTHING about Microsoft forms at Ignite.  Can we expect any news about forms coming to other tenants besides education tenants by the end of the year?

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Hi, did you ever get a response to this?

Today a new blogpost came online: https://blogs.office.com/2017/04/10/new-educator-focused-features-in-microsoft-forms/


A great new feature is the Other forms tab. Every form you have openend after it was shared with you will be listed on the other tab. T

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Is someone already see that other forms tab?

My latest excel files downloaded from my Forms are missing that little add-in that refreshes the data with new responses. 


Any idea how to fix this? Is there something else I need to be running on my Surface? 


I'm running Office Insider Slow Ring 1703, Bu

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This is what I see when I try to load the add-in when I'm on the actual Excel sheet I downloaded from Forms.


FYI, this is a Form I duplicated. 


Forms Fail.png

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