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It would be great if you could choose a notification setting. Eg. send a notification(email) for each answer or send a notification after 20 (or any given number) answers have been given.
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Adding notification feature is currently in our backlog. Thanks for taking the time and sharing your feature request with us.
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Have you looked into Microsoft flows?

Could be really useful to send an e-mail when a user completes a form.



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DITTO - email notification would be great!!
Like really, really useful!!!! I would want the person who filled out the form to be sent an email also.

For a global student assessement form/tool we are looking into MS Forms. However it is mandatory to to process incoming results automatically (5.000 results expected each year).


Is there any news on the development of an API (to get to the results) or int

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We are trying to embed a Microsoft Form into sharepoint, we generate the code and place it on the Sharepoint page which looks ok in preview but dissapears when saved.


Any ideas?



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Is there solution for this problem? We have the same problem in our Sharepoint. I try to embed MS form but after save it doesn't show. If I embed Youtube video, it works

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Alan - can you share the screenshot with us or any other error message that you see?

It's great that we can now print a summary of the form responses. I have found however, when the results go onto more than one page, the subsequent results do not print - I've tried a variety of browsers and printers. I could attach examples but you won't

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The analytics that are available for Form responses are great! However, you cannot print the results. I realize you can export to Excel, but it would be very convenient to print out the existing analytics for the form responses. Now, you have to take a sc

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I believe you can print them now. In the "Responses" tab, click on the "...".forms print.png



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Yes I have this requirement too.  Using FORM for pupil evaluation but want to share their responses back to the pupils.  Can't print out the response so can't print to On

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An integration with Word and Powerpoint would be great as well.

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+1 The ability to print the results needs to happen please.



I can't find a Usage Report option for Forms in the Office 365 Admin Center.


Will a Forms usage report be added to the Admin Center at some point?


Is it possible to get a usage report some other way?







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Great idea Ken!

As an educator, it has been difficult to find an online quiz that meets all our needs. Microsoft forms is off to a great start, with the ability to auto grade. I think this is a big feature that differentiates it over Google forms. ( I know you can use th

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Sub and superscripts please for Chemists
An equation editor would be great along with the ability for departments to share forms.

You make many great points here.  Math is always a tricky one.  You mentioned that images helps with this, and I just wanted to be sure you knew that images for questions

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Until the option to work together easily with Forms I am still using some Excel surveys. Today I saw that I can't edit existing Excel Surveys. 


Do you know if this function has been taken away from the SharePoint library?

There is still the option to make

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Maurits Knoppert wrote:

Until the option to work together easily with Forms I am still using some Excel surveys. Today I saw that I can't edit existing Excel Surveys. 



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Curious if anyone is seeing this?forms error.jpg

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We seem to be getting this error as well for some of our staff any ideas what this is?



We had it the other day, but it finally stopped on its own. Today though, I'm getting sporadic reports of it from some of my teachers.
Let me know if you are still facing this error, this issue is resolved now.

Is there anyway to get Microsoft forms in our Enterprise E3 tenant?  People need this feature and I saw NOTHING about Microsoft forms at Ignite.  Can we expect any news about forms coming to other tenants besides education tenants by the end of the year?

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Hi, did you ever get a response to this?

Seemed to have reached some sort of limit. Have over 200 forms now. Wish I could sort them or put them in folders.


Error message below when trying to add a new quiz ....






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I would like to see a drop-down box as an option. I created a choose a student and it lists 109 students. I would like it to be a drop-down option.


It would also be user friendly if I could just copy an excel column and paste it and each cell becomes a ne

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Hi Brian,


If you add more than 6 options, the choice question will turn into dropdown control automatically.

Please note that the dropdown control only supports single

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I second this suggestion.  In my classes, it would make data sorting easier if students could select what class period they were in (ex. B2 Honors World History, R3 AP Go

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I am trying to find a way to share editing capabilities in Forms.  I have create a form to use for a grade level and would like to be able to share it with other grade level teachers so that they can see responses and edit questions. I have not, as

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Hi Candace - We have recently released Forms sharing and several others new feature.


Forms sharing will enable form designers to share forms with other people, or invit

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As a teacher who shares classes this would be a really useful feature for forms (which are fab) as I'd like both of the class teachers to be able to see the responses.
Hi Candace, Thanks for taking the time and sharing your question. Form sharing scenario is currently at the top of our todo list.
Has anyone worked with the Take a Test app yet? I like the idea of this, but have yet to work out some details. I've created a quiz in Forms, but cannot find the checkbox to create the link in "lockdown mode". (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/edu/windows/create-tests-using-microsoft-forms... Read More
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I have shared this thread with our Take a test PM, she will get back on this tread with more details.

Hi @Nakul Madaan can you give an update about this question? In the technet articel there must be a checkbox in the settings from a form to open the automatically in the

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It appears that Ctrl-Alt-Del is the only way to exit the app. It works, but seems like a very ungraceful exit and is not clear that this is the only way out. Am I missing... Read More

Thanks for this info!


However it is not working when using it together with Forms :-(


We use ADFS, when trying to log in, the redirect to our ADFS fails with a message th

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You can use this link.




When you replace <URL> for the url to the Form .


A student can click on the link or you can make a sh

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