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Jeanne Cote
New Contributor

I have a spreadsheet with 2 sheets.  If column B of the first sheet (called Hopem) has number 10-41000, then I need the number entered in cell D14 to appear in cell D9 of the second sheet called New.

I tried various combination but keep getting an error

My latest try was =IF(Hopem!B:B,"10-41000','Hopem!D14,""") but did not work

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Hi Jeanne,


Do you mean if in ANY cell of the column B you have "10-41000" then formula shall return the value from the cell D14 of the first sheet into cell D9 of the second sheet?

Yes, to be very clear 10-41000 will appear only once in column B of sheet Hopem but it might not always be on the same row

It could be