Highlight active row - wrong formula?

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Hi everyone!


I want to highlight the active row in Excel, but I receive an error by my formula? I don't know what is wrong by my formula. Does anyone know?
See image below.




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@KD1990 Works for me, though you need to press F9 to show the colored row. When you enter something in cell A10 for instance and your Excel is set up to move the active cell to the next cell below, then row 11 will be colored. Not sure what you want it to do otherwise. I selected the entire sheet first so the applied range contains a 1 million+ rows in the sheet. Don't believe that wise, but it works.






Thank for your reply. I looked at the same location (rules manager) as your image and changed it. Unfortunately without result. One thing what I saw was that the formula was different on that location. The formula here is: =''=row()=cell(''row'')''




@KD1990 Get rid of the extra quote marks surrounding the formula and the first = sign.


It should just be





Please note that @Riny_van_Eekelen uses the double quote character " instead of two single quotes in a row.