Help with VLOOKUP

Brad Hepper
New Contributor

I have a worksheet which contains 2 sheets, Sheet 1 is for adding/listing parts to order and Sheet 2 is a list of Part Numbers & their Descriptions.  


If data entered into Column B in Sheet 1 matches data from Column A in Sheet 2 I would like it to return text from Column B in Sheet 2 to Column C in Sheet 1.

If S1:B=S2:A then S2:B->S1:C


I have the columns labeled on Sheet 2: A=PartNumber & B=Description if that is of any help.

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pls see attached file.

hope this is what you're looking for.


Yes that is what I am looking for.  Could you do something similar using the file already created?

pls find the attached file..

I noticed just now that your validation lists has many duplicates. it is rather odd to have such duplicates...

pls see attached revised file..